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Please Him Today

Serve the Lord with gladness.- Psalm 100:2

Our service to the Lord is part of our worship of Him. Our worship of Him is through what we do and how we act. We can do the ritual and still be wrong with our attitude. God wants it all. He wants it all His way.

We should be able to share with each other how we are serving the Lord and how we feel about it. “Gladness” means that we enjoy it. It means that we make the most of every moment. In other words, the best that we have for God comes out of us so much that we thoroughly get into and involved with what we are doing for the Lord.

Let today mark the first of many days where you give it all to the Lord out of joy.


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For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you.
-John 13:15 (KJV)

The Lord gave His disciples an example of how to act towards one another. He shared His love with them in both word and deed. He offered them a chance to go beyond the norm, to be set apart. The Lord set the tone by setting the example of how to be Christ-like, how to be a Christian.

Ask yourself if you are following the Lord’s example. Check yourself and your ways against the example that He set for His disciples and all of us. The key to it all is that we can follow His example and serve as examples for others to follow Him as well.

Ain’t God good?

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Recently, I spent about a week in Knoxville for CDF Freedom School’s National Training. Although this had been my briefest stay for the annual training event, I gathered some insights from the experience once again.

  1. Freedom is still a word worth keeping in our vocabulary. Even with numerous technological advances such as the internet, MySpace, and cell phones, freedom still seems at a distance when we view our social and economic conditions. We need legislators who are going to do something about inflation, rising food and gas prices, and health insurance costs, not investigate the NFL about a Super Bowl over two years ago or even steroids in the MLB. Freedom is still something that we must believe in and share with our children, so that the cost of freedom is always valued.
  2. Any long-term movement will have a natural generational struggle and conflict. Those who are to pass the baton will hold on as long as they can, even stating that there is no one to pass it on to today. Those who are waiting to take hold of the baton will complain about those who hold it, saying that their time has passed and they need to give it to the new breed of change agents. If we are to take the baton, then we had better start running. I have never seen a relay where the next leg of the race was passed on to someone sitting and waiting; they’re usually running in stride.
  3. It pays to pay homage to those who came before you and paved the way. It just makes sense. If you don’t believe in karma or reciprocity, you have to at least recognize that you reap what you sow. Pay homage to those who have paid their dues, and then watch out.

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