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Someone will say it before they’re done reading this piece, so let me put it out there now. Behind every good man is a good woman. Some will argue about whether that is the mama or the wife, but I would like to focus on the wife for the purpose of this article.

Behind every blessed man is a special woman who does special things. The man is considered blessed because of what he represents and presents to all of those who observe him, but he is actually blessed because of what and who he has behind him and on his side. What is behind him is usually a relationship with God that is full of faith and trust. Who is behind him is that special woman who offers special support for her man.

This man is blessed because of 4 specific and special things that his woman does:

  1. She believes in him and his dreams.
  2. She builds him up with support and strengthening.
  3. She binds together with him as one in unity.
  4. She brings out the best in him every step of the way.

Brother, if you have not found her, I suggest that you open your eyes and look around. If she isn’t doing these four or doesn’t even show the potential to do so, you are on the wrong course. The Word is clear on the fact that finding her brings him favor with the Lord. This is not the hip-hop advice of Cash Money and Marvelous that says: “… Cause you’re all she has, and you’re all she can get. So run out and find yourself an ugly chick …” The truth is that you need to go beyond the “beauty’s only skin deep” sisters who never make it to Bible study, Sunday school or prayer meeting and don’t do much in worship other than lifting holy hands. The Lord may not favor you when you have a woman more aligned with Proverbs 7 rather than Proverbs 31.

Make it your business to be certain of having a solid relationship with your mate. You need a solid relationship. You need a strong relationship. You need a supportive relationship. You need a superwoman relationship. When you find her, love her and trust her, treating her like a rare jewel that’s hard to find.


Woman of the Night by Bruce Jackson

Her mother must be proud
Because she’s the type
That only a mother could love.
With those wide hips of temptation
And those supple, sultry lips,
I would have thought her to be more of woman than a lady.
Her ringlets of curls
Dangle down in streams of brown
And her curves seem just enough to catch a man’s eye.
To see her is to seek her,
But she’s not one to be taken.
She smiles with the subtle smoothness of a serpent.
This temptress of the night
With her eyes aglow
Never seems to let her guard down
to the slightest invitation.
A night with the girls
And out on the town
She may be found
Wrapped in something tight
Only to show her beauty.
She lives for the night
And gives little signs of life,
But she rarely sleeps these days.
Her bed has been made,
Although it be messy,
And she rarely uses it to sleep.
One man by day,
Maybe another by night,
She makes her way
Like a cat on the prowl.
Her smile is as empty
As her heart seems to be
With just enough life to only live for the night.

A poem from the upcoming book Words from the Underground


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Isaiah was clear and concise with Hezekiah with a word from the Lord:
Get your house in order. The swiftness of Hezekiah’s actions speaks volumes to many astute Bible readers and others. This episode serves as a reminder of how futile life may be and how we must live in the moment, not for the moment.
Has God given you a similar warning? Was it that heart attack that felt like “gas” at first? How about when God got your attention by causing you grief on your job? Or, what about all of those funerals that you had to attend week after week? did you get the message? Was it clear to you?
Listen to God and do exactly what He says for you to do. As the famed theologian John Wesley stated: “Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, … you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can.”
Read James 1:22. We are to be doers of His Word, not hearers only.
To God be the glory. . . Now and forever.
Rev. Bruce Jackson
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We Can Pray

We may not agree on the issues

But we should at least agree to pray.

Even if we cannot come up with solutions,

We can pray over the problem.

We may not walk in agreement

But we can stand in prayer.

Our friends and relations may never be the same

But we can continue to pray for each other.

Without a doubt

The least that we can do

Measures up with the most that we can do

And that is to simply pray.

Rev. Bruce T. Jackson



Recently, we’ve seen Democrats and Republicans switch sides and stances on issues and other concerns. Even President Obama seems fit to change again. What we have to learn is to stand strong in spite of what else is going on in the world. Jesus shared that we, like Him, are not of this world. We must have a transformation that comes about by the renewing of our minds, not conformity to this world (Romans 12:1). This world system is not designed to value the things of value within the kingdom of heaven. In fact, it purposely seeks to devalue what God values and win your heart towards worldly pursuits. Put first things first in your life and seek the Lord in all that you do (Matthew 6:33).

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“…Wisdom brings success.”- Ecc.10:10 (NKJV)

Business requires wisdom and patience. You can’t be foolish when it comes to taking care of business. Wisdom can come from experience, not even your own experience. You can learn from the experiences of others. Learn from their mistakes and make sound decisions based upon what others have shared with and shown you.

About a year ago, I wrote out an article that was close to my heart, “Meetings Versus Ministry.” I have recently updated the article and uploaded it at Life Path Ministries. It is definitely worth a look for anyone involved in ministry or faith-based “work.”

Yo, California!! We’ve got more to shout about than the Lakers and the Dodgers. There’s some real work being done throughout the state on HIV/ AIDS and prison re-entry as we speak. The government isn’t going to do anything new on behalf of the people unless the people start making some noise about the issues. Let’s check the issues out and get involved.

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Some may have heard me voice this in the past, but I feel called to share in depth why I feel that the old guard should pass the baton on to the new generation. If we don’t learn anything from President Obama’s victory for the White House, we should learn something distinct about change. Change is possible and inevitable. When the winds of change are set into motion, there is no man living who can stand against such a movement sweeping the entire land. Change is present.
The old guard is dying off. We can hardly find our NAACP or Urban League community leaders to be capable of mass mobilization within our communities any more than our local storefront churches. With aging leadership at the helm, both the community-based and faith-based agencies of the community must arm themselves with the proper motivation for mobilization. I shared with my wife over ice cream recently about how I once engaged in voter registration drives and similar events which got people to the voting polls. The issue was that we were mobilizing without education. People stood with a ballot in their hands with little to no information of what the platforms included. In the information age, those who obtain the information will be equipped enough to navigate through the jargon, lingo and double talk.
Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have contributed much to the struggle for the African American minister to remain at the forefront of social and political movement within the African American community. Such leaders still have much to offer, but they also should assist in ushering in new leadership. If they truly serve as servant-leaders, these men and others like them with draw from those among the ranks of Otis Moss III and Steven Thurston .
We need the old guard to not merely pass the baton. We need them to step to one side or the other, allowing those who have been waiting in the wings to take center stage and walk through the open door of opportunity. We need to see the Marian Wright Edelmans and Oprah Winfreys along with the Vernon Jordans and Willie Browns embracing and endorsing those who come along behind them. Count our recent losses such as John Hope Franklin as historic tragedies, for no African American other than John H. Clarke and Greg Carr gave us such interwoven hostory of both the African and the African American. How are we to recover from such a lost? If we have not been raising another to come behind, none will emerge from nothingness and rise up in our midst. We cannot expect a return on an investment that we are not willing to make.

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19Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.– 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (NIV)

We live under grace and are justified by faith. However, our salvation was the price paid for our new lease on life. Jesus was bruised for our iniquities and it is by His stripes that we are healed. Indeed, the high cost for our eternal life include a young man from the ghetto called Galilee with a criminal record and piercings in His hands and His side. His life was the price paid for our eternal life.

Not only that we have been bought, we now have a new level of stewardship. The Holy Spirit dwells within us as Spirit-filled believers. We should “honor God with your body” as you live for Christ. Paul is careful to stress that we are not our own. We can’t live as though we are our own. Then, we live in falsehood, not living in or by the truth.

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Set your mind on the things above. . .
-Colossians 3:2

It can be said that many of us look to the Lord for guidance on how to manage and maneuver our way through the day-to-day mess that we have before us. However, the words of Paul share with us that we should think on the “things above,” not merely earthly matters. Earthly matters can busy and bother us, but those things above give us something to look forward to beyond our daily lives. When we focus on the things above, we also agree with the Holy Spirit that there are matters that are far more important than what’s for dinner or what may be on t.v. tonight.

Ask yourself whether your thoughts are upon the things that God wants you to think about daily? Think about where you have placed your thoughts and concerns. Your thoughts, just like your steps, ought to be ordered by the Lord. Was that last thought that flashed in your head meant to direct you or distract you? Is that image that went through your mind what God means for you to focus upon for the day or what is meant for you to discard for the remainder of your days? Think over those thoughts, images, ideas, and notions. Keep on with what’s from God. Discard what is not about the kingdom of God.

Keep your mission in mind. Know why you do what you do. Your purpose speaks about your pursuits and should speak from your passion. I oftentimes refer to those who teach on leadership and business such as John C. Maxwell, Peter Drucker, and Bob Briner. Visit www.sba.gov or www.biz.gov for more guidance.
Never give up on a sincere prayer. Jesus taught that men should always pray and not lose heart (Luke 18:1). In fact, Paul even stated:”Pray without ceasing”( 1 Thessalonians 5:17). Continue in prayer and focus your efforts on keeping abreast of those prayers answered by God. Keep holding on. He may still deliver more blessings.

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