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Today is a new day.

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow,

Tomorrow’s yesterday.

Tomorrow is not promised.

Yesterday is gone.

Today is a new day

So let me work

While I still have today.


Jesus spoke about the timeliness of working through the day and not the night in John 9:4. He said that He was to do the works of Him who sent Him. As Christians, we are followers of Christ. We follow His example, so we have similar works as He did.

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.-1 Corinthians11:1 (NIV)


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After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go.
-Luke 10:1 (NIV)

Think about it. In verses 3-12, Jesus Christ lays out distinct and detailed marching orders for His disciples. If we were to look at modern missionary journeys, we would need to consider what today’s missionaries would need to take with them.

Mobile phone: At the least, they would need a Blackberry or Palm, maybe even an iPhone. Text messaging, IM, internet capable, mobile applications for Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Netbook/Laptop: I say laptop more so than netbook because of the current software limitations for netbooks, but modern-day “cloud computing” makes document creation and storage in cyberspace a snap. Check out www.mbible.com or www.olivetree.com for downloads and mobile versions of the Bible. Use www.biblemaster.com and www.lifeway.com for Bible study materials.

Cargo Shorts: Some fashion pundits may beg to differ but I’ve got to be real; street ministry is done on the streets. You need a pocket to carry your iPod and those Altoids, another one for that pocket-sized New Testament and mini steno pad, and then you need other pockets for your wallet, Swiss Army knife, cell phone, and invitation cards to your ministry’s next fellowship function along with Bible tracts.

Happy Face T-shirts: Naturally, we need a conversation-starter of some sorts. I love when I wear my “I Killed Jesus” t-shirt from C28. People totally either read the fine print or tell me off. Find a shirt that makes a statement or check out what’sin stock at my e-store.

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The dynamics of ministry are not merely regulated to the church building. Ministry must move beyond the confines of the four walls of the church. By breaking down the barriers to true ministry, we are able to serve the wants and needs of others through both words and our works.

John the Baptist and Paul both led “external”ministry and missionary work that took place outside of the church. The Lord prepares us for such work. Even the internal work of the church prepares us through prayer, Bible study, and discipleship with other training. Look below to see one way God gets things done on the outside through us.

Three-Way Ministry Approach:

  1. From God: our service is for His glory.
  2. Through man: our service is directed from God the Father, conducted with Christ and fueled by the Holy Spirit.
  3. To the world: the aim of our service is to bring others closer to God through Christ and His offer of salvation.

Operation Reach Out embarks on a new venture this fall with “Giving Thanks by Giving Back.”

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Faith vs. Fear
Faith says let’s go,
While fear says we must say no.
Faith will allow us to see the possibilities.
Fear will keep us petrified.
Faith will see us through to the end.
Fear will never let us get started at all.
So, let us go forward towards our future in faith.
Hebrews 11:1 speaks of what faith is in a metaphorical sense; substance and evidence. However, Hebrews 11:6 settles the entire matter about the power of faith. It says that faith is the necessary ingredient that we need in order to please God. As you live day by day, focus on holding on to your faith more and more.

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Kingdom Value System
Luke 16:10-11
The Lord has a value system that is not like the world system. Jesus referenced “true riches” that exceeded the value of money in the kingdom. I am excited about C28’s influence with its Not of This World stickers and t-shirts. This should be more than a slogan or tagline for those who believe the Word. We are called out as the ‘ekklesia’ or ‘ecclesia.’ Since we have been called out and set apart, then we must believe that we have been called to live out our faith in a world that is not necessarily receptive to the Lord or the Word.
The church is share the kingdom’s value system with believers. The church needs to teach its people the values of the kingdom of God. The people of God need to know their:
  • Kingdom worth
  • Kingdom work

The more that people understand it in its proper perspective the more that people would understand prosperity and “true riches.”


Check out www.twitter.com/lifepath01/ for daily Twitter updates from Rev. Bruce Jackson.


Through Life Path’s Saved2Serve Network and REACH San Diego, several FREE materials are available at www.lulu.com/lifepath/ for download. Also, check for Rev. Bruce Jackson’s books like Broken Pieces and Lamentations in the Storm at the same site.

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Saved2Serve Network
Ephesins 2:8-10
Some time ago, when we were in the beginning stages of launching Life Path Ministries & Services, Ephesians 2:8-10 stuck out for me. I read and reread the passage, discovering some deep truths about our salavation and the call to serve. After some deep thought and prayer, I saw the Lord leading Life Path to lead a rebirth in Christian volunteer service within our local congregations and communities. Thus, the Saved2Serve Network was born.
We are at the point where Saved2Serve is ready to recruit and lend support and technical assistance to local churches and community organizations. This fall will serve as the major launching of Saved2Serve’s initial offerings to the faith community in San Diego County. The technical assistance and networking opportunities provided by Saved2Serve will be based upon biblical principles in the spirit of Christian service.
“I pray, expecting an answer.”- Andrew Murray
Check out the numerous opportunities available to serve:

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23 And He said to all, If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me. 24 For whoever will save his life shall lose it, but whoever will lose his life for My sake, he shall save it. 25 For what is a man profited if he gains the whole world and loses himself, or is cast away?

Luke 9:23-25 (MKJV)

The major issue of complexity when it comes to Christianity has more to do with whether we will embrace the challenge to be like Christ or not. To be called Christian, a person has professed to be a follower of Christ and His teachings. As Christians, we are to spend more time being like Christ and less time being like our old personas.

Being a Christian is more than looking at the example Christ set for us as believers. Being a Christian is more about following the example set by Christ. We become His followers, His disciples. As His disciples, we become disciplined in the matters of life in accordance with His doctrine, His teachings.

Jesus Himself exposed a critical element of what it takes to truly be Christian. In the above passage, we hear the Lord and Master sharing a truly insightful formula for being called His disciple. Be careful to catch what He wants us to do with our current lives and how He wants us to embrace our new lives with Him.


Open my eyes so that I can see the wonderful truths in your law.-Psalm 119:18 (NIV)

The Spiritual Stamina System

This is a test

Of your spiritual stamina system.

If it were not a test,

You would have been notified

By the Holy Spirit

Which indwells every believer

To make preparations

For a spiritual disaster.

In the event

That there is such a spiritual disaster,

Watch, fight and pray,

While staying in tune

With your source of power.

Such activities will not guarantee

That hell will not come your way

Or Satan will not be busy in your life,

But keep in mind.

It is only a test.

You may now resume

Living with your spiritual stamina

Tested, tried and true.

  Reflections of a Believer: Inspirational Poetry & Prayers (2nd Edition) (ID #2724220): http://www.lulu.com/content/2724220

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