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I stand upon what I know and understand, especially what I believe.

I learned to love more since Marley was born as I learned to let go of my grandmother.

I lived within means and then below my means in order to keep things afloat.

My wife shared her grief and frustration, and I offered the best that I could offer her with a hug.

I cried in the dark. I prayed out in the open air.

My heart was filled with joy and my gas tank has rarely been full.

MANY would say that this is oxymoronic, but I am still standing.

I am still standing in spite of storms in my life.

I am still standing.

Here I am.

Here I stand.

A simple solution: When You Desire to Give
Luke 21:1-3 offers a simple solution for when you desire to give and do not have much to give. The widow observed by Jesus gave out of what little she had to live on to begin with, a quite honorable act. She trusted God through her actions, not by mere words.
Trust God with what you have and give out of that. Praying for more to give makes you earnest. Giving out of what you already have makes you wise and faithful.

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And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works. Hebrews 10:24 (NKJV)

I learned most of what i know and have come to understand about God, salvation, church, ministry and being a minister of God right by the bay.  It has been under Dr. Timothy J. Winters, the pastor of Bayview Baptist Church in San Diego.  San Diego has presented many learning opportunities for me in the Lord’s service and through the non[rofit and educational sectors of service within my community, but I have truly learned a different skill set under Pastor Winters and through Bayview Baptist Church.  I have been built up in what has been dubbed as “America’s finest city” for the work of the Lord.  My past is exactly that; it has passed on.  So, as I look forward towards 2010, I am inspired by the man who influenced and impacted me as my father in the ministry to reach new heights and accomplish new things that will lead to others being inspired and influenced as well.  I pray that Life Path Ministries touches lives in new and innovative ways for God this year.  I pray that we are able to reach hearts and souls for Christ.  If God could do such a work with me,  He surely can build up others by the bay and shoreline, the border and beyond.

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Have you ever read Malachi? No, I mean have you really taken the time to read and understand the issues that came up and went down during this last Old Testament book of the Bible? What you see is the people’s frustration with the church officials and the church’s corruption along with the people’s resolution, and then God has to step in between them both to settle the matter.  God puts it down and states His case, and that’s that.  That’s final.  No need to question it or ask about it.  God said it and it’s over and done with for real.  Then, all of a sudden, God stops speaking.  It’s hundreds of years before we get another word from God.  Prophets no longer prophesise of coming events and the man of God doesn’t seem to carry that special quality of the Word of God.  All of a sudden it is chic to quote the Scriptures since nothing new is being said.  Suddenly, there is birthed a new reliance upon the prophet’s word about the Messiah.  Almost overnight, Moses, Joel, David, Isaiah, and Jonah become biblical superstars in the darkest of times because God is no longer speaking to His chosen people.  It is as if the people had to move beyond the silence in order to discover what God had really meant for them to hear and understand all of those prior generations.  It’s a shame what we do that causes God to use extreme meausres, even silence for hundreds of years.

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For if ye believed Moses, ye would believe me; for he wrote of me.- John 5:46 (ASV)

Jesus shared that the Scriptures spoke of Him (John 5:39, 46).  He spent a lot of time, according to John’s account of the Gospels, dealing with people’s belief or unbelief.  In fact, John pointed out such when he completed his writing of the Gospel by sharing that what was recorded was written so that men would believe in Jesus Christ as the Savior, the only begotten son of God.

The point of all Bible study is simply a study of Jesus Himself.  The Old Testament tells of His eventual coming, pointing out man’s need for the perfect sacrifice that came about by the Lamb of God.  The Gospels told of His earthly life and ministry, including His sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection.  Acts and the epistles point out what we should do as believers until He returns.  Revelation reveals the Second Coming nd all that must transpire at the end of the world when Jesus comes to reclaim His bride, the body of Christ, the Christian church.  It all speaks about Him.  The Bible is one large character study of Jesus Christ.

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One of my favorite jazz cover songs of a classic song is “Everything Must Change.” It doesn’t matter if it is Nina Simone or George Benson singing it. The lyrics say what needs to be said to every listener. Everything truly must change.

As 2010 approaches us, I just wanted to share with those who are in ministry and business a simple approach that can assist in making the next twelve months more productive than the past twelve months. Every venture needs a plan. I am firm believer that some people can’t handle a lot of information unless it is doled out to them in smalldoses. That’s why I suggest the one-page business plan. It’s a novel concept that can also be incorporated for ministry as well as business.

One-Page Business Plan (Format)
  • Vision: a single statement that tells where you see the business/ ministry in the future
  • Mission: a single statement that provides the purpose for the business/ ministry
  • Objectives: Bullet points of what you need to accomplish to fulfill the mission and reach the vision
  • Strategies: Methods for completing the necessary work to reach objectives
  • Timeline: Detail when each strategy will be implemented and completed over the next twelve months

Start with this outline and pray over it prior to kicking off the year. Those who you serve and who serve with you will greatly benefit fromyour planning. Let you coworkers and team members review your outline and provide additional input, insights and ideas for expanding the plan.

More on business plans:

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Daily, I get up and get connected with God through all sorts of ways; prayer, journal, Bible study, reflection, devotional reading, etc.. I keep my ears open to what God has to say through His Word and my eyes open to what He shows me along my way. I love reading DC Talk’s Jesus Freaks and Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I write at least two blogs daily on WordPress and Blogger as well as status updates via Facebook, MySpace and Faith Freaks. I even tweet on Twitter throughout the day. I love to check on the latest information for business and ministry via the internet on my Treo Pro (no, not the PRE…P-r-o) an via my laptop. I add to my list of public articles, poems and other resources via Christian Archives and other sites.

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Isaiah provides one of the greatest prophecies regarding the Lord Jesus Christ.  He points out that a virgin shall bring forth a child and that the government shall be upon His shoulders.  In fact, Isaiah gives a grim description of the Savior’s suffering for our salvation’s sake in Isaiah 53.  It is within these 12 verses that we find  a very specific description of the Lord enduring hardships for our sake. Within these same verses of stinging prophecy, we find the human rejection of the Lord who dwelt among His own as a “man of sorrows.”  It is here where we learn that the Lamb of God was not a thing of beauty or majesty, not even comely, saying:”nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.” Yes, Isaiah shared that the Messiah would save the world from its sins, but He would not be a looker by any measure.  The false images we see depicting Jesus on the cross with Fruit of the Loom undies on and the blue-eyed Jesus we see with the far-off look in His eyes are not the same images that Isaiah relayed to God’s people when he spoke of the coming Messiah.  What we see in modern imagery is a picturesque and photogenic Jesus, not the one whom Isaiah says was “familiar with suffering.”  The Gospels show us which one is the real Jesus.  We don’t expect a PG-rated version of the crucifixion of Christ.  What point would it make? I respect  The Passion for what it conveys to us regarding  His suffering for us, becoming sin for us as Paul stated in many ways in his epistles.  He died for us despite what He looked like.  He died for us in spite of what we have done against Him with our sin.  I thank God He came and did what He did…no matter what He looked like.

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