Season of Service in San Diego

Luis Palau is working with San Diego to bring about a change in the entire county. City Fest is on the move with its Season of Service in San Diego, so check out what is happening by the bay. We at Bayview Charities are working with Treasure Box on a major donation for the Season of Service’s Not on This Day. This will address the large numbers of those who go hungry each day in San Diego.

We need your help. How can you help?

We need prayer. Please pray for God to lead us in our planning, keeping with His purpose. Pray that those who are in need are able to be fed both physically and spiritually. Pray that the Spirit unifies those who volunteer in service with harmony and love for one another as they serve. Pray that god becomes known by those who do not know Him as a result of this effort.

We need volunteers. Go to City Fest and register to Get Involved. Whether you sign up as a church, small group or an individual, get signed up and show up. Join the effort to do more than we can do on our own. Come together as one body and serve the Lord with gladness.

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