Flip Your Script

I recently picked up a copy of Raving Fans.  It is the book that falls somewhere in the mix with Blanchard and Bowles other collaborations.  Part of what I discovered was that customers have wants and needs that have to be met and exceeded in order to make them fans.  You truly have to read the book and get an idea for the concept.  However, all who train others on how to deal with and work with customers and vendors should try to flip the script as they teach and train staff and volunteers on serving others. 

What do I mean? Flip the script!

Set up trainings that involve role plays and scenarios based upon actual customer complaints in your industry.  Are you running a volunteer-driven homeless shelter or youth center? Get your staff and volunteers geared up to truly help people by working through some real-life situations.  Try to work in some time where staff and volunteers are imagining things through the eyes of the customer.  Help them to gain insights into how to serve from the heart with real understanding.

What about the script?

Look at the scripted lines of responses in outdated handbooks that most nonprofits and churches have on their shelves.  Walk through your telephone script for soliciting donations for your organization.  Have your staff and volunteers hear it read aloud, and then let them see it acted out.  Next, have them read a printed copy of the script, and then use a red marker to alter the script.  Collect them back and review them together as a team.  See how far off you or your team may be when it comes to customers… I mean fans.

Flip the script

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