From Eden to Egypt- Day 6

And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.- Genesis 1:27 (ASV)

STATUE OF ADAM From the Creation of Adam By Michelangelo, Real Bronze Powder Cast Statue

God created mankind.  God made man.  As the Bible plainly states: “male and female created he them.”

God made mankind in His own image.  God used as His own image to create mankind.  “Human beings” were created, as the Holman Christian Standard Bible says, in the image of the Almighty, in the likeness of the Divine, and derived from the Creator Himself.

God made Adam. He formed the first man.  He breathed life into him. 
He created a help mate for him from what existed within him based upon His own image.

I marvel at God’s creation.  The waves of the ocean fascinate me.  The clouds that drift in the skies above keep me in awe.  I gaze at the varied peaks of mountain ranges, wondering how God crafted such works to His own glory.

Think today.  God created man.  He designed man.  He formed man. 

Has man lived up to the Creator’s intent for him?

*From Eden to Egypt is a series for Life Path Ministries by Rev. Bruce Jackson that chronicles a daily study and reading of the Book of Genesis and The Genesis Record by Henry M. Morris.

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