Jeremiah Journey 2020 Week 1 Why Jeremiah

Why engage in a year-long study of the Book of Jeremiah?

That’s a reasonable question. I get it.

There’s a reasonable answer.

Jeremiah offers the believer an opportunity to read and reflect on a chapter of the Bible weekly.  There are 52 weeks in the year.  Jeremiah is 52 chapters. Voila! There it is.

Yet, Jeremiah also offers a character study beyond the prophecy.

Jeremiah was known as “the weeping prophet.” Look at Lamentations, written by Jeremiah, and tell me if the name doesn’t fit.  The experiences of Jeremiah as a major prophet of the Bible include the rejection and ridicule of both the messenger and his message.  We even get a glimpse into Jeremiah’s own personality and tendencies.

Have you ever started on a path with God and were ready to quit? Jeremiah was in the same boat at one point.

Have you ever considered yourself not qualified for God’s assignment? A young Jeremiah felt the same way upon his calling.

Have you ever had to face family or peers who just did not get you or where God was taking you? Jeremiah lived with the same issues in his life.

Why Jeremiah?

Jeremiah offers us more than a look into a biblical character’s life or the prophecy for Israel.  Jeremiah gives each and every one of us an opportunity to do a spiritual gut check of our own.  God has a plan, and it is a privilege to be called by God to be used as part of His plan.  However, God prepares each and every one of us differently.  He sets us up on our own path.  Jeremiah might just help you get comfortable with the discomfort of your calling to live your life differently.

Read the first chapter of Jeremiah this week.

You can read your Bible.  You can listen to it via an app.  You can read it online via tablet or other mobile device.

Just read the first chapter, and then reflect on what you have read.

Read it multiple times if necessary.

Let it soak in, and then try to unpack what God is saying to your spirit through this opening chapter.

Use the Bible study guide to help you retain the chapter’s key points and dig deeper into your journey.

Journey through the Book of Jeremiah with us as we search and study the Scriptures, seeking to learn more about Jeremiah as well as ourselves.

Make sure you review the Week #1 Bible Study Guide.


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