The Inspiration Business Part 2

You have shown me the path of life. . . – Psalm 16:11

Life Path Ministries

When I say the “inspiration business,” what I mean is that the work of the ministry is dedicated to breathing life into the lives of people in search of and in need of a spiritual uplift to go forward.

The biblical text caught my eye and captivated my heart years ago. I was taken aback, realizing that I was on the right path with what God had shared with me. I felt an amazing abundance of clarity, and I began to piece together all of the bits and pieces that God had shared with me over the years.

This was one of the books by Andrew Murray that steered me further into ministry.

Mine is a multimedia ministry that focuses its efforts through the inspiration business.

Coffee & Chat with Rev Bruce Podcast is just one part of my multimedia ministry.

I recall in middle school reading an article in Musician where Prince was interviewed. At that time, Prince said he had enough material to release a double album annually for well over a decade.

The Musician edition that I read in middle school. Musician Magazine.

In comparison, God’s given me a lot. Some things have been completed, and some other parts still await completion. I know that God has given me plenty across a wide spectrum. It may not cover a decade of double albums like Prince but it is enough to assure me that God’s provision is enough for God’s calling.

I will continue to trust God to keep feeding my mind as I forge ahead.

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