Detox Challenge Day #2

How can a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed according to Your word. – Psalms 119:9

Day 1 Reflection

I considered yesterday a success. Why do I say so? I found myself satisfied and sustained, not looking for food to fill or kill a craving, In some cases, I had enough leftovers to plan out the next day’s meal options. I will take it as a win, including the time that I was able to work in walking and working out during my mini ten-minute breaks.

Today’s Focus

Focus on Faith

I am careful to put my focus on necessities right now. One of those necessities is to be washed in the Word, cleansed the sense where I am feeling regenerated and renewed. I reflect back to when I read The Unusual Suspect by Stephen Baldwin. That gave me some real, in-your-face rugged and radical Christianity. I could hardly put that book down. Today, I cling to God’s Word with that same desire and determination that once caused me to read the New Testament epistles daily.

Focus on Fuel

Yesterday, I consumed a bulk of legumes and nuts. I technically filled up on them early enough to not have to worry about any other snacks. Today, I am determined to add more fruit to breakfast and lunch. Dinner might include some additional leafy greens like kale and arugula mixed as a salad base.

Focus on Fitness

I liked squeezing in 10-minute breaks yesterday. It kept me on my toes. Today, my main adjustment is to start and end my work-from-home day with breaks as my bookends. One will open up my workday, while the other will act as the closure for it. I will add a bit of stretching and some yoga positions for breathing and digestion. The beauty of such a schedule is that I have total creative control over it.

A good example is the best sermon.

Benjamin franklin

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