King James Version Only or Not

This is a major debate for some people.

For others, they’re totally unaware of it being an issue at all.


Just keep that date in mind.

1611 was the year when the King James Version (KJV) known as the Authorized Version of the Bible was published.

The video below gives some brief history on the Bible and KJV of the Bible.

When did Paul write his epistles? When was Luke commissioned to research and report of the life of Jesus? And what language was that written in?

Oh, and the Torah? Written by Moses and dictated by God also known as I AM, the first 5 books of the Bible are known as the Books of Moses. What language was that written in again?

Plenty points have been made for one side or the other. Why KJV only believers believe what they believe about the KJV. Then, there are those who promote other versions of the Bible in English. It is an argument and debate that seems to have no end in sight. yet, we’re supposed to teach the truth of our faith.

How can that be the case when we have versions that omit words or passages and some that have antiquated language?

The whole thing can make you dizzy and leave you wondering what to do about it.

I understand the debate rages among biblical scholars and some even denounce other versions of the Bible. I’m not trying to win an argument for or against the KJV. I’m trying to point out that the KJV-only argument pales in comparison to what we are called to do. I think Spurgeon echoed the sentiments of the Savior when he said we are to engage in soul-winning as our main business as Christians.

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