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People don’t care how much you know until they know that you care.John C. Maxwell
Many may have heard this quote from John Maxwell in a variety of forms over the years at seminars or trainings, even conferences, whether Christian or secular. It has graced PowerPoint slides and even handouts, whether in quotes or italics. Yet, it speaks volumes. It says something to someone who works with other people. People won’t open up and share their needs until they can trust that person offering to help really cares.
Mark 10:21 says: Jesus looked on the man and loved him. Jesus showed compassion for the man. He offered the man a simple solution, but He first offered Him something from the heart. He showed the man that He cared about him. He did the same with the multitudes that looked as though they were sheep without a shepherd (Matthew 9:36).
Have we shared our compassion with someone? How do people really know if we care? Do we let people know that we care by what we say or how we look? We should consider whether we can really care for others before we try to lead them. We may have alot to offer, but we should offer our hearts and compassion before we share our thoughts and our vision.
Lead with love today. Let love lead you to your passion. Let yourself be led by the motivation that transcends circumstances and situations. Prioritize love as a top thing on your agenda with your fellow man. It can take you a long way.

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