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Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.”- Peter Drucker

I guess it is too much to ask people to make a commitment.  Let me back up.  What I really mean to say is that it is probably too much to ask people who are connected to make a commitment.  Disconnected people don’t commit.  They are either disillusioned about the vision and mission or they are so far out of the loop that it would take some time and effort to simply bring them up to speed at the least.  It is almost like asking someone to jump on board a train that is already moving at top speed.  That’s nearly impossible in most cases. 

The key to remember is that people who are connected to your cause or organization can easily transition to making a commitment.  From there, those who make a commitment can be counted upon to make a contribution.  Their contribution furthers the mission and vision of the organization.  Results are reached by committed individuals.  Resistance and reluctance is about all you can expect of those who fail to catch the vision.  They just are not connected. 

Truly, in my experience, it is too much to ask of someone who has no relationship to your agency or who sees no relevance in the work that you seek to accomplish.  As I said before, they are disconnected from what you are doing.  They will listen to you, but it doesn’t reach them.

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People are not to merely coexist. We are to do more than share air and space together. We are to connect with others as a community. I find that, with the advances of the Internet, social media, and other mobile communications, we have no excuse for not connecting beyond what we have done in the past. We should be even more connected to others than in previous times.

Look at what I said about community on my other blog. Visit https://revbruce.wordpress.com/category/community/ and discover insights and ideas about community in a modern perspective.

Check out www.give.org and www.pointsoflight.org for ways to contribute and connect within your local community. If you want to make a difference in your community, check out http://www.usaweekend.com/section/MDDAY and www.servenet.org today.

Keep up with the latest tweets from Life Path @ www.twitter.com/lifepath01/

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Are you in business for yourself? Do you find yourself contemplating whether you need to open a for-profit or nonprofit? Are you preparing to turn a hobby into a part-time small business? I think you need to www.score.org or www.sba.gov, even www.irs.gov for information on setting up a start-up business.

Entrepreneurs should check out www.linkedin.com and www.ryze.com as another social media network option. Currently,my page is http://www.ryze.com/go/RevBruce. Get a glimpse of it from time to time.

Business tip for Christians: Set a percentage amount that you want to dedicate to giving to the local church as a “business tithe” or “business offering.”

I got something to say. Yep! I’ve got something to say about Christian ministry, theology, church, spreading the gospel, and reading the Bible, even living out the truth. I’ve got something to say at https://revbruce.wordpress.com where i let it all out.

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We may not agree on the issues
But we should at least agree to pray.
Even if we cannot come up with solutions,
We can pray over the problem.
We may not walk in agreement
But we can stand in prayer.
Our friends and relations may never be the same
But we can continue to pray for each other.
Without a doubt
The least that we can do
Measures up with the most that we can do
And that is to simply pray.
Are you a Christian in business? Join Ryze today.
Rely upon the Lord’s blessings and benefits. . .

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One of my favorite jazz cover songs of a classic song is “Everything Must Change.” It doesn’t matter if it is Nina Simone or George Benson singing it. The lyrics say what needs to be said to every listener. Everything truly must change.

As 2010 approaches us, I just wanted to share with those who are in ministry and business a simple approach that can assist in making the next twelve months more productive than the past twelve months. Every venture needs a plan. I am firm believer that some people can’t handle a lot of information unless it is doled out to them in smalldoses. That’s why I suggest the one-page business plan. It’s a novel concept that can also be incorporated for ministry as well as business.

One-Page Business Plan (Format)
  • Vision: a single statement that tells where you see the business/ ministry in the future
  • Mission: a single statement that provides the purpose for the business/ ministry
  • Objectives: Bullet points of what you need to accomplish to fulfill the mission and reach the vision
  • Strategies: Methods for completing the necessary work to reach objectives
  • Timeline: Detail when each strategy will be implemented and completed over the next twelve months

Start with this outline and pray over it prior to kicking off the year. Those who you serve and who serve with you will greatly benefit fromyour planning. Let you coworkers and team members review your outline and provide additional input, insights and ideas for expanding the plan.

More on business plans:

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Daily, I get up and get connected with God through all sorts of ways; prayer, journal, Bible study, reflection, devotional reading, etc.. I keep my ears open to what God has to say through His Word and my eyes open to what He shows me along my way. I love reading DC Talk’s Jesus Freaks and Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I write at least two blogs daily on WordPress and Blogger as well as status updates via Facebook, MySpace and Faith Freaks. I even tweet on Twitter throughout the day. I love to check on the latest information for business and ministry via the internet on my Treo Pro (no, not the PRE…P-r-o) an via my laptop. I add to my list of public articles, poems and other resources via Christian Archives and other sites.

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I believe that we are to serve God with all that we have in our hearts. With all that we have to offer, our service should speak volumes for itself about our relationship with God. Look at how we approach the end of 2009. There are numerous ways that we can serve and seek to give God the glory and the praise due to His name. We can post to a daily blog online or share via social networks. You can make the most of your free time and volunteer with local agencies or mentor youth through a wide variety of programs. Think about where help is needed and offer your services and time to lend a hand.

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There’s a question brewing among the saints. Evangelicals and radicals alike are tossing ideas back and forth. Many folks in Christian circles are trying to figure out what to do during these hard economic times. People are trying to figure out if it is about the church being part of the community or the community being part of the church.

We contemplate the complicated. We mix and mingle a whole lot of mess. In the end, we are left with the simple discovery that there is no better solution than what we had before. The countless ways that we can dream up and scheme up don’t seem to matter much because God has already offered the best alternative.

He expects us to be part of the solution to both the community’s issues and the church’s ills. The church needs to get over itself and recognize that it’s not that holy. Church people sin just like evryone else, by thought, word and deed. The church should serve those within the community to help meet unmet needs of the fatherless, homeless, jobless, and others. Our service is not good works if the benefactors are merely other church people. That would make us simply hypocrites. We need to get out into the community and see where we might be able to lend support to existing services and add to the plethora of newly-adapted services needed to reach people at their lowest points as they seek to survive and simply make ends meet. Let the church serve its community, embracing brothers and sisters with all that they have to offer.

The unity of the church will consist
not in organizations,
not in dogmas,
not in liturgies,
not in pious hearts,
but in the word of God
in the voice of Jesus Christ.
– Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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I am honestly inspired by God as I prepare for an unconventional sermon today. Street preaching, as many will agree, requires one to say what needs to be said and shut up and get out of the way. The Lord will lead you further once you get started, but He gives you enough to get started and share with the people in order to make a real connection with them. At least twice per month, we rotate among 3 to 4 preachers to share a brief inspirational message before a line of people seeking food items and clothes from our community giveaway. Our presentation of the gospel has shifted as hearts have been opened by the Word and our own eyes have been opened to the degree of blight and poverty that exists within our community. As I prepare for my message, I see images of black, brown and yellow faces with hope in their dark eyes. I can’t help but hear the Lord’s words the “least of these” echo over and over again in my spirit. Keep us in prayer as we serve the people once again.

Bayview Charities Food Giveaway
Sponsored by Feeding America
Every 1st & 3rd Friday
8 AM-10 AM
Visit Rev. Bruce’s other blog, too. https://revbruce.wordpress.com

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Therefore if you have not been faithful in the use of unrighteous wealth,
who will entrust the true riches to you?
Luke 16:11 (NASB)
Being in business, I learned early that there are both blessings and benefits to just hanging out a shingle online or otherwise. However, I also learned that I had a unique responsibility to contribute to the kingdom of God because I was a business owner. We tend to call those who own small businesses those who are “in business for themselves,” but I really cannot see it that way any longer.
Christian business owners need to do at least two things for the kingdom of God. It is by doing at least these two things that these Christians can make a difference by being in business.
1. Contribute to the Church: I call this a “business tithe.” Through this effort, a business owner can add to the kingdom on a consistent basis with a consistent amount. I would go so far as to say make a commitment about the contribution by consecrating yourself in prayer regarding the gift. Even if it is not your home church, commit to giving and supporting the ministry and mission of the church for the kingdom of God.
2. Contribute to the Community: Give back. Don’t just give (throwing money at the issues and problems that exist and persist within our communities). Give of yourself. Volunteer on local boards and coalitions to address pressing issues facing the community such as drugs, gang violence, education, and others. Mentor youth. Offer free or discounted services. Lend your expertise.

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