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“Christ came to redeem us from sin and bring us back to serve and glorify Him.”
– Andrew Murray, God’s Plans for You

Let’s get real.  Salvation is part of God’s master plan for all of us.  It isn’t the whole thing, but it is a major part of the plan.  What is highly important is that we recognize that God has a plan.  Even more refreshing for us is that we are included in God’s plan.
That includes your business.  That includes your special gifts and abilities.  That also includes your example that you set for others, especially unbelievers, through how you live your life.  It is all part of God’s plan.
What’s the point of God’s plan?
He shows us love because He is love.  He expects us to live as reflections of Him.   We are to serve Him.  We are to glorify Him.

Guess what?

It’s all in His plan.


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Not too long ago, this rose was nowhere to be seen.  It wasn’t a bud ready to bloom.  In fact, it was dead in my mind.  I was ready to trim, prune or cut in whatever sense to get it back to producing.  Then, after a few rain showers and some lazy reluctance to get at it, I saw the rose.

Think about your business like that.  Naturally, I do not mean the “lazy reluctance.” I mean look beynd the surface.  Identify your customers.  Seek out additional resources.  Free up some capital. 

Get busy with your business. 

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