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But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men, you will only find yourselves fighting against God.– Acts 5:39

When it comes to walking the walk as Christians, we can be called on how we “walk” with the Lord and use His name to address heretics. Gamaliel shared some simple words of advice for those self-righteous Jews who chose to silence the unruly and rebellious “riff-raff” who started the Way as followers of Jesus Christ. His words resonate with sincere clarity, even today. As he warned these men of their pending actions, he shared that they could possibly find themselves fighting against God.

Choose your battles carefully just as this Pharisee advised. Understand that you will have to decide where to place your energies as you go through 2009. There will be physical battles. Can you lose that weight? Will give in on that diet? Can you get back in shape? There will be family battles. Will the children honor and obey their parents? Can the marriage survive infidelity and loss of trust? There will be spiritual battles. Can I stay in prayer? Have I sought God’s guidance first? Is this God’s will or my desire? Where do I stand with the Lord today?

Choose your battles prayerfully. From the simple to the surreal, be careful to choose your battles in 2009. Many things will come your way in this year. What will you do? Decide today to not find yourself fighting God. Stand on what you believe, and stand firm on that belief.

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