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“Know why your business matters.” – Bob Briner, The Management Methods of Jesus

If you are in business, you need to know why your business matters.

In fact, you need to know why your business matters to God.  You need to see how your business fits into God’s plan.

Think back.  Let your mind run free to the time when you imagined going into business for yourself and before you started your business.  Think about the purpose and intent for your business.  Jot down those ideas and memories.  Record them for yourself.

Take a good look at what you have written down.

Look at the kingdom potential of your business.  How could your business expand or enhance the kingdom of God? Did God inspire you to start your business? How does God and His Word fit into your business plans?

Here are some ways to revisit your business:

  • Go to God’s Word.  See what God has to say.
  • Pray to God.  Hear from God on the matter of business.
  • Seek godly counsel.  Talk with your pastor.  Join a Christian business roundtable or network.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might; for there is no activity or planning or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol where you are going. – Ecclesiastes 9:10 (NASB)

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>You need more than a idea.  You need ideas that go further than the other guys- the competition.  You need enough ideas that can drive traffic to your site and attendees to your trainings and workshops.  You need plenty of ideas.  You need some great ideas that will get you ahead of the competition by leaps and bounds.

You need to discover your own discovery zone.  Find out where you generate the best ideas and where you generate the most ideas.  You need to discover you discovery zone.  Beyond discovery, you need to be sure that you are comfortable as well as secure in that zone.  The discovery zone should be the type of place whee you can “escape” all of the other stuff that seems to get in the way and distract you from doing all of what you can do.

Get more ideas that will get you ahead of the pack.  Get into your own discovery zone.

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How to Stay Motivated-Changing The Picture

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”- Zig Ziglar

Dream Big: Finding the Courage to Follow Your Dreams and Laugh at Your NightmaresStarting up a business may require you to scale down your big dream.

Your Dreams Are Too Small (Middle English Edition)

Don’t read into that.  I did not say it may require you to drop or dump your dream entirely.  I just said you may need to scale it down at the start to get things started.

How To Eat An Elephant: A Slice-by-slice Guide To Total Quality Management - Third EditionBusiness Development for Professionals: How to eat an elephant, one bite at a time (Volume 1)You may need to slice it up into manageable pieces, so that you can get things set up and in place to advance to new levels, stages and phases.  I tend to favor a modular approach when I work with clients on programmatic funding or business planning, identifying phases where new components, services or features can be added based upon the state of the core business.  There it is.  I seem to have have given it away, but that should be the focus; your core business.  Scale things down to the core.  Get things down to the bare essentials and build from there.

Beauty and the Business: Practice, Profits and Productivity, Performance and ProfitabilityAvon: Building The World's Premier Company For WomenI think Avon does an excellent job at providing a business model based on a similar cocnept.  You may like fashion or cosmetics, even costume jewelry.  Avon isn’t trying to get you to open a kiosk at the mall or storefront on Main Street.  The company provides each “Avon lady” with the essentials to the catalogs and ordering forms as well as support that allow her to experience success on a small scale and grow from there.  It is obvious that Avon’s core business is beauty products, not blue jeans or handbags.

Start out small, while continuing to think and dream big.  Post photos, sketches and anything else related to your dream above your PC’s monitor, on your car’s dashboard and taped to the fridge.  Keep it visible, but be sure to set things in order first
The Big Idea: How to Make Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True, From the Aha Moment to Your First MillionBusiness for the Common Good: A Christian Vision for the Marketplace (Christian Worldview Integration Series)
Share the Dream, Build the Team : Ten Keys for Revitalizing Your ChurchLeading Your Business to the Next Level: The Six Core Disciplines of Sustained Profitable GrowthDon’t get tripped up that you haven’t accomplished or achieved the full dream yet.  Just get started. Get started right.  Get started doing the core business of your dream and build from there.

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I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison 
Thomas Edison (DK Biography)
Entrepreneurs are masters of experimentation.  Every entrepreneur must go beyond dabbling in it.  The entrepreneur must become an expert at experimentation.
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Have you got a new idea? Test it out. Have you exhausted every means of your product or service? Think of new ways to innovate products and services.  Create spin-offs and offshoots.  Expand, extend and exhaust all of your ideas, and then see where else you can go with them.
Grow Your Business on Facebook ~ Fan Pages ~ Use Social Media to Build Loyal Customers
Inc. August 2005 Paul Frank on Cover, Hot New Advertising Tools, How to Raise and Entrepreneur, Turn Vendors Into Partners, Why I Read Business Blogs
Even as I write this, I am allowing myself to experiment with ideas and see where I can go.  In the words of Norman Vincent Peale, “Do not build up obstacles in your imagination.”

You Can If You Think You Can
You Can if You Think You Can

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Ask someone in Northern California, typically called the “Gold Country,” and you will discover some unique history about California’s Gold Rush.  You will learn about Eureka, the original Forty-Niners (not Steve Young, Jerry Rice and those Super Bowl winners) and early settlers like the MormonsGold brought about a lot of changes for what was once a wild Mexican province where the worst companies of soldiers were assigned due to the rampant bandits and Indians in the area.

What is your gold mine? Where is there hidden treasure buried or simply sitting just out of your reach?  Have you sought it out? Have you discovered any?

You need to a few suggested steps in order to discover your own gold mine these days.  If you seek this discovery wholeheartedly, you may also discover some interesting things about your character as you go along.

  • Explore:  You have to start searching.  Dig through what you have and discover.  Search on the Internet and discover what opportunities exist.  Contact old classmates and see what they may know about openings or upcoming contracts.  You’ve got to go and get involved right where discoveries can be made.  If it’s your skills and expertise, dust off your old thinking cap.  If it is a new discovery, look at how to expand it to others who may need it or want it.
  • Expedite:  Let your movements be swift and strategic.  Get to it and get it done.  Don’t allow yourself to get captivated by the researching and searching, thinking of it as a “piece of cake.” Keep your main objective in mind and stick to it.  Know when to move on and when to dig in deeper.  Your experience will begin to teach you long before a hound dog could hunt down a raccoon.
  • Experiment:  Numerous ways were used for discovering gold in California.  Panning was popular, but you also had some diggers with pick axes and others who used dynamite and other explosives, even the power of high pressure water.  Experiment with various methods to get your discovery out in a professional manner.  Try something out for a season or a quarter, evaluate it and go from there.  Keep your ideas fresh and keep them coming.
  • Express: Gold miners of those early days were known for exclaiming their discoveries.  You do just the same.  Get your pr campaign rolling out with good news about what is happening with you.  Make your press releases and announcements speak volumes by being bountiful and brief.

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Office Space - Special Edition with Flair (Widescreen Edition)

Got a case of the Mondays?  Much like the lead character played by Ron Livingston in Office Space, you may find yourself in such a predicament.  You may dread getting ready and going in to work.  That may be your issue with Mondays.
Change that malfunction into a makeover.  Approach Mondays with a new freshness.  Try some things that may get you going on Mondays.
  • Schedule your catch-up time at the end of the day Monday (after lunch may be best).
  • “Monitor of Motivation”: Adjust your screen saver and the settings to where an inspirational or motivational message scrolls across the screen when you come in on Mondays. Be sure to change it every Friday.
  • Schedule a special lunch (with your wife, old buddy from high school or a retired mentor).  Get out of the office and strike up a conversation about anything but work
  • Sunday Set-Up: Set your mind on work some time Sunday evening- maybe right after 60 Minutes.  Get your first orders of business together for the next day.  See if it helps .

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Do you have an environment where people feel welcome?

You need to ensure that you put in place some environmental controls so that people do feel invited to come in and get comfortable.  For businesses, it makes a whole lot of sense.  For churches, it definitely makes sense, too.  How long will people stick around if they don’t feel welcome or comfortable?  Think on it.

Setting the tone for some simple environmental controls, take a look at the senses.

What does the place look like? Beyond simply having a clean, trash-free environment, is it cramped, cluttered or comforting? Look at the aesthetics.  I am not saying go full feng shui, but you need to be sure to do something with the place.  Can you add some thematic artwork to the foyer or lobby? Is it too much to have some tapestries along the walls that display some colorful displays that speak volumes about your values? Take a look at the place and imagine how to add some creative touches that appeal to the eye.

Once people get in, is it comfortable for them to sit down? If it’s a church and the pews are creaking and squeaking, imagine what it feels like to sit down there.  Think about revolutionizing your seating.  You can add some modern touches in an office building, too.  Add a couch that is soft and cozy.  Do you cater to children? Place a bean bag in your waiting area.  Throw in some games or a video console and TV like a Wii or PS3.  Please don’t limit yourself to tradition.  Look at modern and contemporary touches to enhance the feel of the place.

This can be the unspoken trouble.  It may go unspoken but it certainly is noticed by many.  You want to control odors.  Have the trash taken out daily.  Vacuum the place at least every other day.  Use plants and flowers to spruce up the place along with some carefully-placed potpourri.  Don’t over do it when you try to deodorize with sprays or heavy scents.  Everyone cannot take such smells.

Is it dull in there? Add some sound over the intercom or sound system that plays faintly enough for enjoyment.  Just prior to church service, play an instrumental CD of gospel renditions.  Don’t make this the time to pipe in your pastor’s last sermon on fire and brimstone.  Let the sound be part of the foyer or lobby for those who may be filling out your guest book or viewing your church’s literature or brochure.  If it is your office, be sure to have something playing that is not so loud that it disturbs the work of the business.  In addition, you don’t want to play anything offensive.  You want people to feel comfortable and welcome, not thrown off by the sounds of Rage Against Machine or Korn blaring from within the place (That is, unless that’s the type of place that you are running; i.e., skateboard or surf shop, tattoo parlor, etc.).

This one is tricky so I will travel through it lightly.  You may have a reception where you serve treats to your visitors and guests.  Sample your selections.  Ensure that your fruits and veggies are fresh.  Check dating on packages.  Review expiration dates.  Make it your business to ensure that you serve quality.  Remove what it is not good to serve.  Even the mints and candy in the receptionist’s jar up front needs to be checked every so often.  Ensure that you serve food that tastes good at least, even if it isn’t much.

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Roadmap to Success: Building Your Business God's Way

When you plan your events for 2011, think about adding some special offers or discounts for those who register or purchase tickets early. 
Chase's Calendar of Events, 2011 Edition: The Ultimate Go-to Guide for Special Days, Weeks and Months
Go out of your way to treat your early birds special.  Have plenty of giveaways and logo-covered items ready for your event “swag bags.” Be sure to allow the early birds to experience V.I.P. and red carpet treatment throughout your event.  If you remember them, they will certainly remember you and your special treatment of them when your next event comes up.

The Five Star Church: Helping Your Church Provide the Highest Level of Service to God and His People 

The One Minute Manager

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And it is true that the children of this world are more shrewd in dealing with the world around them than are the children of the light.- Luke 16:8 (NLT)
Manga Messiah

I think about the recent terror scare regarding explosives discovered in packages destined for Jewish houses of worship.  It’s sent the world into a new frenzy of terror.  It has TSA and FedEx into a scurry about security along with everyone else from DHL and UPS as well as USPS.
Imagine if they weren’t Islamic terrorists.  What it they were evangelical extremists? I am talking about some Bible-thumping, gay-bashing, King James-only, moral flag wavers.  What if that was the case?
How quiet is it kept that hate crimes can be committed in the name of Christ just like Allah? How much of an uproar is stirred up when Christians blow up abortion clinics or attack others for their “sins?”  Paul said that we are all like “filthy rags.”
Where is the love?
The hate is evident.  It is surely visible.
Where is the love?
The fruit of the Spirit should be pouring out from us.
Think about it and be real honest with yourself.
What if the tables were turned?
Evangelical extremists? Could there be such a thing?
This year Halloween falls on a Sunday.  Don’t allow your congregation to fall prey to the subtle idolatry that may slip as “for the kids’ sake” or “just having some good, clean fun.”

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“Opportunity exists where you find it.” – John C. Maxwell
Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently

Find your own opportunities.  Don’t wait on someone else.  They won’t knock on your door.  They won’t yell out and beckon you unto them.  You’ll have to search and seek them out.

Some will be obvious.  They’ll be right before your face.  They may be sitting right in your own backyard.  You will simply have to recognize them as opportunities.

Some will be more obscure.  They may appear to be obstacles or challenges.  Yet, you will discover an opportunity to put your talent and skills to work on discovering a solution.

Some will need to be created. When I didn’t find much success in peddling my self-published books through online resources, I decided to turn my lessons learned into resources that drew people into me.  I wrote a blog and published a newsletter where I could get people’s attention and inform them about tidbits of what I had already published and what I was currently working on with my writing.  it does work, but I had to find a way to make the opportunity work out for me.

Find your opportunities today.

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