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Pray without ceasing.– 1 Thessalonians 5:17

We must become and stay rooted in prayer. Why? Prayer is our direct connection with God. It is our main line of communicating with Him on a spiritual level in accordance to His Word. This economy needs prayer as well as the people who are suffering within it. Our newly-elected president is in need of prayer just as many of us stand in the need of it. In this information age, it still holds true that we need prayer for a prayer-hearing God. We may need it now more than ever.

Pray without ceasing are the words of inspiration and instruction penned by Paul to this small, struggling church dear to his heart. They are easy to keep in mind because they are short, straightforward, and succinct. The inspiration is to pray without ending or stopping, never losing your connection and communication with God for an instant. The instruction is to pray without ever stopping, to pray relentlessly. It is by such a prayer life that we learn how to make many strides in life while on our knees.

Keep me in your prayers as I continue to share inspirational messages with the congregation of the Bayview Baptist Church every Wednesday this month for WNL.

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