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And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.- Genesis 1:27 (ASV)

STATUE OF ADAM From the Creation of Adam By Michelangelo, Real Bronze Powder Cast Statue

God created mankind.  God made man.  As the Bible plainly states: “male and female created he them.”

God made mankind in His own image.  God used as His own image to create mankind.  “Human beings” were created, as the Holman Christian Standard Bible says, in the image of the Almighty, in the likeness of the Divine, and derived from the Creator Himself.

God made Adam. He formed the first man.  He breathed life into him. 
He created a help mate for him from what existed within him based upon His own image.

I marvel at God’s creation.  The waves of the ocean fascinate me.  The clouds that drift in the skies above keep me in awe.  I gaze at the varied peaks of mountain ranges, wondering how God crafted such works to His own glory.

Think today.  God created man.  He designed man.  He formed man. 

Has man lived up to the Creator’s intent for him?

*From Eden to Egypt is a series for Life Path Ministries by Rev. Bruce Jackson that chronicles a daily study and reading of the Book of Genesis and The Genesis Record by Henry M. Morris.

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The ESV Study Bible
I am captivated every single time I read it.
I crack open my Bible and thumb through cheese-cloth thin pages that crinkle like crisp dollar bills as I pass over the preliminary pages.  I bypass the pages that tell of the inerrant and infallibe of God’s Word handed down from heaven by His Holy Spirit that allowed power to work through divinely-inspired men that led to the Council of Nicea and other gatherings of rulers and rule-makers alike that led to the creation and compilation of the Bible as we know it today. 
That’s when the words hit me.
In the beginning. . .
They seem to linger in mid-air somewhere just above my grasp.  They don’t drift or stray.  They just hang there in some solitary space perfectly fit to between understanding and faith.  They are wedged between belief and some alternative instinct that leads me to desire to fully understand something by laying out as much as evidence and facts as possible to arrive at a solution.
In the beginning. . .
Was that in the beginning as far as I can remember? Or, are you talking about in the beginning in reference to some time even prior to Moses’ being born in the midst of a cruel regime of Egyptian bondage or Noah even entertained the Lord’s leading of building an ark?
In the beginning. . .
No matter how you look at it, “In the beginning” works for Genesis since it means “origin.”  It is the story of creation.  The family line of Adam stems from the beginning. The animal kingdom initiates in the beginning.  Everything comes out of the creation, which marks our very beginning.
Awe seems to sink into my members as I settle in for the ride of a lifetime.  I have restarted with Genesis again as many times before.  As I restart reading God’s Word again, I restart from the same famed verse and very simple prepositional phrase that says so much in three little words.
In the beginning. . .

*From Eden to Egypt is a series for Life Path Ministries by Rev. Bruce Jackson that chronicles a daily study and reading of the Book of Genesis and The Genesis Record by Henry M. Morris.

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And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works. Hebrews 10:24 (NKJV)

I learned most of what i know and have come to understand about God, salvation, church, ministry and being a minister of God right by the bay.  It has been under Dr. Timothy J. Winters, the pastor of Bayview Baptist Church in San Diego.  San Diego has presented many learning opportunities for me in the Lord’s service and through the non[rofit and educational sectors of service within my community, but I have truly learned a different skill set under Pastor Winters and through Bayview Baptist Church.  I have been built up in what has been dubbed as “America’s finest city” for the work of the Lord.  My past is exactly that; it has passed on.  So, as I look forward towards 2010, I am inspired by the man who influenced and impacted me as my father in the ministry to reach new heights and accomplish new things that will lead to others being inspired and influenced as well.  I pray that Life Path Ministries touches lives in new and innovative ways for God this year.  I pray that we are able to reach hearts and souls for Christ.  If God could do such a work with me,  He surely can build up others by the bay and shoreline, the border and beyond.

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Someone will say it before they’re done reading this piece, so let me put it out there now. Behind every good man is a good woman. Some will argue about whether that is the mama or the wife, but I would like to focus on the wife for the purpose of this article.

Behind every blessed man is a special woman who does special things. The man is considered blessed because of what he represents and presents to all of those who observe him, but he is actually blessed because of what and who he has behind him and on his side. What is behind him is usually a relationship with God that is full of faith and trust. Who is behind him is that special woman who offers special support for her man.

This man is blessed because of 4 specific and special things that his woman does:

  1. She believes in him and his dreams.
  2. She builds him up with support and strengthening.
  3. She binds together with him as one in unity.
  4. She brings out the best in him every step of the way.

Brother, if you have not found her, I suggest that you open your eyes and look around. If she isn’t doing these four or doesn’t even show the potential to do so, you are on the wrong course. The Word is clear on the fact that finding her brings him favor with the Lord. This is not the hip-hop advice of Cash Money and Marvelous that says: “… Cause you’re all she has, and you’re all she can get. So run out and find yourself an ugly chick …” The truth is that you need to go beyond the “beauty’s only skin deep” sisters who never make it to Bible study, Sunday school or prayer meeting and don’t do much in worship other than lifting holy hands. The Lord may not favor you when you have a woman more aligned with Proverbs 7 rather than Proverbs 31.

Make it your business to be certain of having a solid relationship with your mate. You need a solid relationship. You need a strong relationship. You need a supportive relationship. You need a superwoman relationship. When you find her, love her and trust her, treating her like a rare jewel that’s hard to find.


Woman of the Night by Bruce Jackson

Her mother must be proud
Because she’s the type
That only a mother could love.
With those wide hips of temptation
And those supple, sultry lips,
I would have thought her to be more of woman than a lady.
Her ringlets of curls
Dangle down in streams of brown
And her curves seem just enough to catch a man’s eye.
To see her is to seek her,
But she’s not one to be taken.
She smiles with the subtle smoothness of a serpent.
This temptress of the night
With her eyes aglow
Never seems to let her guard down
to the slightest invitation.
A night with the girls
And out on the town
She may be found
Wrapped in something tight
Only to show her beauty.
She lives for the night
And gives little signs of life,
But she rarely sleeps these days.
Her bed has been made,
Although it be messy,
And she rarely uses it to sleep.
One man by day,
Maybe another by night,
She makes her way
Like a cat on the prowl.
Her smile is as empty
As her heart seems to be
With just enough life to only live for the night.

A poem from the upcoming book Words from the Underground

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