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What do you do with your day? Is it all about whatcomes your way? Do you make plans that are interrupted by other things that seem to be other people’s priorities? I used to do that. It made me sick. I mean literally sick.
I learned to prioritize my day with necessary tasks and necessary “down” time. Everything that comes your way may not be for you to handle. I mean that. Whether it is business, ministry or other things, take the time to seriously evaluate if this is something that you need to do yourself.
You have options where you can:

  • Delegate the work to someone else who is capable
  • Divide the work between you and others
  • Delay the work until other priorities have been met

Don’t get me wrong. It will have to be done. it just doesn’t have to be done by you and you alone.

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Seek ye first the kingdom of God . . .- Matthew 6:33 (KJV)
God desires for us to make Him a priority. He’s already told us that He’s jealous and that we should have no other gods beside Him. He’s exhausted His all in trying to redeem us. He extended all of His love to us through Jesus (John 3:16). The issue is that we need be sure to get these things in order as we go through our daily walk. We must make God a priority. We must make first things first.
We must make first things first. It’s not because we have to do so. It certainly is not due to Him forcing us and twisting our arm about the the whole matter. It is a matter of the heart. It is about us feeling a deep-rooted desire to be in touch with God ona personal level. That’s when we strat on the path towardsmaking God a real priority. In fact, that’s the type of spiritual transition that God expects us to make after we’ve been in touch with Him. We make a change based upon the change that has taken place within me.

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