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Now Jacob dwelt in the land where his father was a stranger, in the land of Canaan.
– Genesis 37:1 (NKJV)
The Tribes of Israel in Palestine - Panoramic Map Collections Giclee Poster Print, 9x12
Ancient Canaan and Israel: An IntroductionIn the previous chapter, we learn about Esau as the “father of the Edomites” and how Esau lived in Edom. However, this chapter starts out with the pronouncement of Jacob living in the land of Canaan, where his father lived as a stranger.
Jacob may not have been at his best when he deceived his father with wool-covered arms and venison, soup, but he eventually dwelt in the land of promise.  He became one of the three major patriarchs of faith in the Judeo-Christian religious system.  We name him right after Abraham and Isaac

Abraham & Isaac
Jacob lived in a place where his daddy wasn’t wanted, the very place where they filled his father’s wells every time he tried to dig one.  Jacob took residence there and settled in, raising his family there.  Jacob’s sons shepherded his flocks in Canaan.  Jacob’s sons from his many different wives lived in Canaan with Jacob.  These were the sons who would make the tribes of Israel.
Jacob's Dozen: A Prophetic Look at the Tribes of Israel
Where you live may not dictate how you live.  Live to your best and live at peace wherever you are.

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Open my eyes so that I can see the wonderful truths in your law.-Psalm 119:18 (NIV)

Bible study should lead to life-changing action on the part of the reader.  What the Bible teaches and tells us about life should help us as we live daily, seeking to live in truth.  In essence, the Bible should help to open our eyes to God’s truth.

A thorough study of a book of the Bible using Bible study methods should lead to discovery and understanding.  On the front end, prayer should prepare us for our personal Bible study time.  As we pray, we must seek the Lord for guidance in getting distractions out of the way and allowing us to get the meat, the solid food, of the Word of God.  The end result should be an understanding of the Word that allows every individual to deepen his or her personal relationship with God.  The goal is to learn more about God through the Word so that we can live differently here on earth and look forward to an eternity with God.

Michael Smith says it best with the lyrics that simply say:

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
Open the eyes of my heart
I want to see You
I want to see You

To see You high and lifted up
Shinin’ in the light of Your glory
Pour out Your power and love
As we sing holy, holy, holy

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“Double Life” is a poem I created and appears in my first work of poetry called Reflections of a Believer.  I was inspired by books like Chuck Colson’s The Body and C.H. Spurgeon’s The Soulwinner.  I recently discovered a copy of the Body at a Goodwill while out of town and was led to post this in its entirety here.  Be blessed.

Double Life

I have some things that I need to admit before the congregation at this time.  First and foremost, I have to admit that I have been living a double life.  No, I am not committed to more than one woman.  And, rest assured, I am not in any relationship with another man.  My double life has to do with church. I have been practicing more than one denomination for quite a while now and it’s becoming increasingly hard to hide it.

As many of you know, I have been Baptist most of my Christian walk.  However, I was taken in when I realized that I have been acting as Jehovah’s Witness because I have witnessed His power in my life.  I am also Unitarian because I believed in the unity and oneness of the body of Christ when I read Paul’s words about the unity of body in Ephesians.  Yet, I must still admit that I am a practicing Methodist because I believe that there is a method to the madness that we live through day by day as saints in His name.  I had sworn to secrecy my Pentecostal beliefs, for I truly believe that the Spirit fell upon men on the day of Pentecost in order to birth the early church.  I keep trying to follow the apostles’ doctrine, so some have felt inclined to label me an Apostolic.  I have had this burning within me to roll with being led by the Spirit, so I have also been called a Holy Roller as well.

It has been difficult trying to hide behind the cloak of secrecy, denying who I truly am all of these years.  I have lied to myself and others, never revealing the full boldness that salvation in Jesus Christ has given me.  I pray that God can forgive and allow me one more chance to live out who He has called me to be in Christ Jesus.  I pray that my faith will allow me to take advantage of the opportunities and set aside all of the obstacles in order to truly experience the freedom of His salvation.

I would pray that you would forgive me as well, but I have sought the Lord with a pure heart in the mercy and grace that He supplies me.  I would ask for you not to cast looks of condemnation upon me. Please don’t shower me with words of sorrow and pity when you encounter me.  I would say for you to not call me any derogatory denominational names like ‘Jesus Freak’ or ‘Born-Again Believer’ (Are those really derogatory?).  I merely pray that God allows you to see me as He sees you, one to be loved by Him with a love so deep that it caused Him to give His Son as a sacrifice for all of our multitudes of sins.  I simply pray that you will join me in the unity of the baptism of His Spirit that is refreshed by the overflowing fountain of His shed blood.

I pray this in His name, the name above every name in heaven and in earth, by which all men may be saved: JESUS!!  Yes, this is my prayer for forgiveness, not forgetfulness.  This is my prayer of openness, not closed-mindedness.  I pray this prayer in the power of him who empowers me to stand here today and admit that I’ve been doing more than two-timing.  I admit it before the whole assembly.  I’ve been living a double life.

Amen to that.

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Thank God that the kingdom of God is not divided into areas for big, important
people and areas for little, unimportant people.
– A.W. Tozer

We have come a long way since Jesus ascended into heaven, leaving His disciples to await the coming of the Helper, the Holy Spirit of God. Yet, we seem to have splintered away from the Way. The early church was rooted in its actions and interactions with each other and the outside world. In fact, it was a known fact among the people that many respected the believers of that time. Nowadays, we have many denominations that it can be hard to keep up with who is doing what and what is going on with whom. Nevertheless, we seize the opportunity to possibly bridge some of the divide that men have created and build bonds on what Christ has established as the head of the church.

We need see Christ as the focus. Our agreement should be on the main thing, and the main thing should be Christ. If we can’t agree on baptism, the Lord’s Supper or the gifts of the Spirit, let us at least agree by faith that Christ is the main thing that we should focus upon.

We can agree that there are works to be done. We may not agree on how they should be done. We may not agree on whether they add to our salvation or not, but we certainly can agree that there are works that need to be done.

There is an enemy. He may take many forms. He do many things within this world. Our particular theology may see him as one thing as opposed to what other brothers and sisters may think, but we can agree that we have a common enemy who seeks to kill and destroy us.

Our nature is sinful. We may not be able to recite the whole five-point Calvinism and various “ministries” of the church based on our particular doctrine with agreement. Yet, we can admit that we need the pure and righteous sacrifice of the Lamb of God to take care of our sinfulness. We should be able to agree upon that much.

In doing so, we will find plenty of work to do based upon our common ground. We should find much to pray about based upon what we have accepted as true and agreeable. We can at least agree that we need to pray, even if we don’t agree on how to pray. Amen.





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And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works. Hebrews 10:24 (NKJV)

I learned most of what i know and have come to understand about God, salvation, church, ministry and being a minister of God right by the bay.  It has been under Dr. Timothy J. Winters, the pastor of Bayview Baptist Church in San Diego.  San Diego has presented many learning opportunities for me in the Lord’s service and through the non[rofit and educational sectors of service within my community, but I have truly learned a different skill set under Pastor Winters and through Bayview Baptist Church.  I have been built up in what has been dubbed as “America’s finest city” for the work of the Lord.  My past is exactly that; it has passed on.  So, as I look forward towards 2010, I am inspired by the man who influenced and impacted me as my father in the ministry to reach new heights and accomplish new things that will lead to others being inspired and influenced as well.  I pray that Life Path Ministries touches lives in new and innovative ways for God this year.  I pray that we are able to reach hearts and souls for Christ.  If God could do such a work with me,  He surely can build up others by the bay and shoreline, the border and beyond.

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Have you ever read Malachi? No, I mean have you really taken the time to read and understand the issues that came up and went down during this last Old Testament book of the Bible? What you see is the people’s frustration with the church officials and the church’s corruption along with the people’s resolution, and then God has to step in between them both to settle the matter.  God puts it down and states His case, and that’s that.  That’s final.  No need to question it or ask about it.  God said it and it’s over and done with for real.  Then, all of a sudden, God stops speaking.  It’s hundreds of years before we get another word from God.  Prophets no longer prophesise of coming events and the man of God doesn’t seem to carry that special quality of the Word of God.  All of a sudden it is chic to quote the Scriptures since nothing new is being said.  Suddenly, there is birthed a new reliance upon the prophet’s word about the Messiah.  Almost overnight, Moses, Joel, David, Isaiah, and Jonah become biblical superstars in the darkest of times because God is no longer speaking to His chosen people.  It is as if the people had to move beyond the silence in order to discover what God had really meant for them to hear and understand all of those prior generations.  It’s a shame what we do that causes God to use extreme meausres, even silence for hundreds of years.

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I am motivated by love. The love that the Lord showed through His submission to the Father for the perfect sacrifice that brought about salvation motivates me. It doesn’t take a lot of theological insight or denominational research to see that John 3:16 places a greater emphasis on God’s love than man’s helpless condition. It speaks about God’s love being so great that a sacrifice for salvation came about because of it. In my opinion, God sets the example of true love through this sacrificial act on our behalf. Love is a motivator.

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Waiting on the Lord

Wait on the Lord. . .– Psalm 27:14 (KJV)

Imagine what it is for those who do not know God. These are those who have nowhere to place their hope. They cannot say that they have placed their patient hope in the true and living God. Such claims are reserved for the righteous, those who have embraced the salvation of the Lord.

As a believer, I believe in Him as God the Almighty. However, my belief must transcend into faith that trusts God to be God. It is through such faith that I am able to wait patiently on the Lord without imposing my deadlines on Him. Waiting on the Lord is the ability to wait and watch life go by while I wait without losing faith for what it is that I desire.

Have you had to wait on Him lately? Trust Him. He can do it.

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