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The final words of the risen Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20 have been used to launch worldwide missionary journeys and to reach out to local communities with the Word of God alike. Much of this evangelistic outreach has more to do with the red letters of our bibles that tell us to Go rather than the full context of what the Lord shared at that appointed, hillside meeting place after His resurrection. In essence, what the Lord was saying was for His own disciples to make disciples of the vast world.

I have been quoted many times as saying: “Meeting people where they are does not mean leaving them there.” I truly believe that such a statement rings true of the charity and evangelism, even discipleship, that should occur when people encounter us as Christians. No one should be left the same after meeting with one of us. Something should at least be stirred up within them to cause them to ask more questions about Christ or even salvation.

The command in brief summary is to: “Go and make disciples.” Get out there, meet people and help bring about change within them. Go and make a difference in someone’s life today and everyday. As we go out and evangelize our local communities and send out missionaries, let us not forget to build up people in what the Lord has taught us along the way.

Let us go and make disciples!!


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