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for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God Romans 3:23

We all have sinned.

The Bible does not mince words when it comes to that. It speaks clearly on that fact, especially where Paul is concerned. We come to know that we never truly measure up to God’s standard.

Thank God for salvation.

Thank God that grace covers our sins. Praise be to God for the blood of Jesus that covers us so completely that we are not viewed by our sins but by His miraculous works.

Sin caused us to need the Savior, but it was not poweerful enough to keep us out of His family. He loves us as dear children, considering us both heirs and sons of God. He assures us that nothing and no one can pluck us from His hand.

We are still sinners, but God’s love for us ushered in salvation. Therefore, much akin to how Paul stated it to the Romans: we were saved as sinners.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. – Romans 5:8

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Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven– Luke 6:37 (NIV)

People who have been forgiven should be forgiving people.  Grace, mercy, love and patience should all intertwine in order to offer forgiveness to others.  Since God has forgiven us through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, we should forgive others just as He has forgiven us.

Take into account the wrongs that you have done against God.  We call them sins.  They are the little and the big things that separate us from our constant and consistent fellowship with God.  We need to see how our interactions with others are in alignment with our professed faith and belief in God.  Sadly, we may find ourselves more out of alignment with God’s ways and His Word than we would like to think.  How we treat others may not be as glaring to us until we weigh it all in proper perspective with how God wants us to treat others.

 The dialogue between Peter and Jesus about forgiveness has been utilized out of context many times, but it opens the believer’s eyes to a new dynamic about forgiveness.   Jesus assures Peter that what may be viewed as acceptable by human standards is not what is acceptable by the standard set for God’s people.  Even if it is our own people who offend us, we should be able to forgive them countless times.  That’s not easy.

We have to understand that we have been forgiven of all  of our sins by the work of Jesus on the cross.  Therefore, since we have been forgiven, we have an understanding of having a debt that we could not pay for ourselves.  We should see that our brother or sister’s trespasses should be forgiven without our convicting or condemning them for what they have done.  We should, as forgiven people, forgive them because of what has been forgiven of us by Him.

Take your forgiveness up a notch.  If you find that hard, take it to God in solemn and sincere prayer.  drop the grudge and bury the hatchet.  There’s no sense in taking someone else through hell for what they have done against you when your Holy Father has refused to send you to the depths of hell for all that you have done against Him.

God forgives.  Be like God.  Forgive more and more.

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…But where sin increased, grace increased all the more, Romans 5:20 NIV

Grace overcomes guilt.  We are truly guilty of being sinful.  As the seed of Adam, we are truly “as guilty as sin.” We are to confess our sin before the Lord and among one another.  That is true, too.  Yet, we tend to get weighed down by the guilt that comes along with sin.  People become bogged down by the burden of living with their own sins, grieved to the point of near exhaustion.  It can be merciless, the toll that sin takes on the lives of believers.

Grace does a mighty work.  We are saved by by grace.  It’s not our works that do it.  It is a gift from God.  Grace is called “unmerited favor.”  Spurgeon wrote of such grace.  Martin Luther said it was only by grace that we have been saved.  It is throughout Romans, Galatians, and Ephesians.  Even Genesis says that Noah found grace from the Lord.

Let us purge the pain.  Let us accept God’s grace and its bountiful blessings.  Let us rejoice and celebrate the freedom that we have through the Lord’s grace.  he’s opened the door.  Will be be loosed from our burdens and walk upright, free from the guilt and covered by His grace.  Be blessed today.  Live by His grace today.

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Out of Eden

Once upon a time
In the Garden sublime
A creeping creature made himself known
And slid up as if he had found the woman alone
With an eloquent hiss
He said: ‘Excuse me, Miss.
Is it true that God has really said not to touch on this?’
Most theologians cannot deny it
Even though some Christians don’t buy it.
The serpent spoke to the woman named Eve
And truth be told
That’s about all one needs to believe.
This is the beginning of the fall
When sin comes to all
And it surely is not small.
Man was silent then, though he’s weeping now
The serpent is only creeping now
As man works by the sweat of his brow.
Preachers usually misquote it
Yet, this will be duly noted
As we revile the duly demoted.
Man got his for what he did not say or do.
Woman got hers for what she did, too.
And the serpent got his for what he said that was untrue.
In the end, we learn of Him
As we learn also about them.
We all must answer to what is true
Or fall prey to the lie, too.

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