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To everything there is a season. . .-Ecc. 3:1

You know it’s spring when the Good Friday and Lent have passed with little to no incident from the church folks or the family. Do you remember those Easter suits? It always had to be something light like a khaki or funny green with a pastel shirt and some odd-looking, crooked-hanging clip-on tie with weird images or shapes on it. I’ll always remember paisley-printed ties. Ugh!!

That was then, though. Now, as I reflect on spring, I recall that God gives us seasons, signs of change all around us. the wisdom of Solomon teaches us that there is a season for everything. However, look at what God does. He can have us mourning a loved one’s passing and anticipating the birth of a child. He can have us laughing at a joke a friend just shared on MySpace and alarmed at what we just saw on the cable news. He has a reason for it all. We may not understand it at all. However, as I look at things today, I am reminded that God does things His way for His own reason.


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