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Relationships 101 (Maxwell, John C.)

“Just about everything you do, depends on teamwork.” – John C. Maxwell

You need to know your backyard businesses in order to expand your potential lists for sponsors and advertisers.  Have you ever walked into the cleaners around the corner? Have you ever introduced yourself to the store manager at the local grocery store? Do you know the manager at the local community bank by name? Better yet, do they know you? Or, do they even know that you exist? If not, you have a real problem.

Your problem is that you have not invested in “personal marketing.”  I am not talking about marketing yourself.  If you are the face of of your business, nonprofit or church, you need to create some personalized and face-to-face introductions.  You can do so with social networking likeFacebook, LinkedIn and Yelp along with other sites.  You may want to get in touch with people and check their Twitter page and start following them just to stay informed and keep interacting.

 For instance, a local pastor who writes books and Bible lessons needs to develop some kind of relationships with the local librarian and area bookstore owners and operators for carrying his books and hosting a reading and book-signing.  The Little League coach should at least see if the community’s pizzeria is will to offer a discount to the team’s families if they frequent the establishment every Saturday afternoon after their games.  The Christian businesswoman needs to know if there are other Christians in business in her area and how to connect with them.
Armed with newfound relationships, you need to maintain your relationships with potential business partners, vendors and others. Use email marketing such as Mail Chimp or Cosntant ContactStart posting in the blogosphere.  Set up a frequent gathering of those who work in your local area at your site or a community venue. You don’t have to host it by yourself.  Partner with your local Christian business network or chamber of commerce.  Get the word out to others with your tweets and status updates on social networks.

This is not a major “trade secret.” In fact, for many of us, it should be more obvious to us.  Let’s take advantage of what exists, even if we haven’t noticed it up until now.


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Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.- 1 Chronicles 4:10 (NIV)

Jabez’s prayer became quite popularized some years ago when a book by the same name was written by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson. The whole phenomena went off wildly beyond the book itself, with t-shirts, Bible covers, journals, and the like. What is amazing about the whole Jabez craze was the focus so many put on enlarging their territory rather than identifying what made Jabez the character stand out from among his brethren.

Verse 9 tells us that Jabez was “more honorable than his brothers.” That speaks volumes when you see that his mother named him for her pain during giving birth to him. We do not have to study and search too deep to know that this verse alone shows that Jabez was not living out a self-fulling prophecy based upon his naming. Jabez cried to the Lord and was blessed because the Scriptures tell us that “God granted his request.” Many of us would love to simply had that phrase alone attached to the story of our lives.

Are you seeking to enlarge your territory? I looked at these two verses and saw the simplicity of what God does with us when we are honorable and humble.

Enlarge your territory like Jabez. The prerequisite is to start off by not allowing circumstances or conditions to dictate your outlook. Your outlook can influence the outcome. What do I mean? Your perception of how things are and how things turn out can impact how you live with situations in your life.

Live an honorable and humble life regardless of how others are acting around you. Be sure to keep your eye on the prize without stepping on and over everyone on your way to the top. Failing to be humble and honorable can cost you.

Ask God for what you want and need. You need His provision as well as His protection. Before you go to God, see how He will get the glory from blessing you. God may not be blessing you right now. He may be trying to see what’s the benefit if He blesses you.

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