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Patience is more than endurance.– Oswald Chambers

Knowing that the proving of your faith worketh patience.- James 1:3 (ASV)

Patience can present a problem. Patience becomes a problem when it leads to pitfalls. You have to be careful to exercise patience to the right degree in the right situation.

Do not allow your patience to turn into:

  • Passivity
  • Pessimism
  • Procrastination

Keep your patience in proper perspective.  Do not allow your patience become a pitfall that lets you fall into a problematic trap.

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But Daniel sresolved that he would not tdefile himself with kthe king’s food, or with lthe wine that he drank. Therefore he asked the chief of the eunuchs to allow him not to tdefile himself.- Daniel 1:8 (NLT)

What we learn from the many biblical examples provided to us is that God can distinguish us with a divine destiny.  We don’t have to walk long with the Lord before we feel the spiritual tug on our lives and find ourselves marked for an assignment by Master.  He uses whomever He chooses.

It is so with Daniel as we read this familiar text from the Scriptures.  Circumstances and situations collide and culminate in cornucopia of change, change that is caused by being called out from among the crowd by the Creator.  So we find young Daniel among those marked by a secular king to expand and extend an earthly kingdom but simultaneously handpicked by the spiritual King of kings to exemplify and express a heavenly kingdom.  Daniel was distinguished for a divine destiny, for God indeed had called him to stand. Yes, He hose daniel to stand for truth with integrity and to stand for God amid idolatrous defilement.  God had called on this young man to lead a spiritual stand against impurity.  The fact of the matter is that God has called on many of us stand…in the courtroom, at the school district, in college lecture halls, in community meetings, even at the barbershop and the beauty shop.  God has called on His people to stand…to stand for Him in dark times and to stand on His promises even where you see no provision.

So what happens when God calls you stand?

  • He will cause you to stand up

Daniel has a turning point in this text that sets him apart from the other young men. The Word simply says: “Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself.” It’s an internal decision before his external demonstration.  It’s a personal resolution before it is a public result. You see something happened in Daniel’s heart before anything came out of his mouth.  Therefore, when Daniel did speak, God had already stirred something within him before he started something through him.    If God calls you to stand, He will cause you to stand up for Him and to His glory.  If you want to test where somebody’s standing, look and see who’s going to get the glory.  That’ll tell you all you need to know.  We are to stand up but stand up for God and the purpose He has given us, seeking nothing for ourselves.

  • …to stand out

After approved and acted on, Daniel and his comrades appeared to stand out from the rest.  Their countenance glowed differently than the others.  The appeared healthier than their counterparts.  God caused them to stand out.   What we take into our bodies has an effect on us, particularly in our appearance.  Take in junk and you start showing signs of how junk is affecting you.

  • … to stand above

So in the end we that God will cause you to stand up and He’ll cause you to stand out.  But what’s real impressive about God is that He’ll even cause you to stand above.  Daniel and his friends stood out so much that they stood above the other young men.  In fact when presented before the king they were even standing above those who the king already had in place. like astrologers and magicians.  God uses these young men proved to be a cut above all of those as well.  You see when take a stand for God based upon His calling you, He can cause you to stand above…He can cause you to stand above your circumstances…your situation…your health condition…your socioeconomic status…your education level…your marital status…even when you don’t believe in yourself, you better believe in God…He can cause you to stand above it all.


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Believe it or not, Moses would be a pretty tough act to follow as a spiritual leader. He had seen God face to face and spent many days doing one-on-one meetings with God on Mount Sinai. Yet, Joshua was told to be both strong and courageous regarding leading the people of God into the Promised Land. He assured that the Lord was with him. Many of today’s leaders may not hear God’s audible voice in the same way Joshua heard it, but they need to hear from God. They need God’s assurance to lead God’s people into new territory. There’s little to no movement because there’s hardly any confirmation based upon limited communication and communion with God. When you have people trying to speak things into existence and determine their own destinies, there’s not much room left to hear from God. Maybe we should hear from the psalmist’s words first that simply said: “Be still and know that I am God. . .” (Psalm 46:10). Discover your destiny but learning to hear from the Divine.
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John 15:11 speaks of your joy being “full.” You need to know that Christ’s joy is to be present within you. It should be within you and maintained at a “full” level. Imagine what life would be like if you livedwith your joy on full daily. That totally change your outlook on every single day as you operated on full joy.

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I am convinced that much of how we taught people in previous years transcended beyond the simple, especially in the church. Whatever happened between the old school and new school did a lot to get us away fom the basics of what the Bible teaches us about how we are to live in Christ. We soon discover all of these new terms like atonement, propitiation and reconciliation amid the countless treasures of biblical knowledge available to us. We need to learn about stewardship and that’s real. Churches and pastors should teach from the broad spectrum of stewardship rather than Christian giving. Why? Well, let’s identify the benefits that outweigh simply teaching about giving. Stewardship is a lifestyle, not a mere act. As stewards, our actions are driven based upon how God has positioned us in this life. We can become better parents, spouses, employees and even employers as we learn more about stewardship. Stewardship teaches us about accountability as well as responsibility. As we share more about wise stewardship, we will reveal more and more about our actions as a response to our relationship with God. Start with Stewardship 101 and we should see a change in the people and their actions. I believe that we can do this. Learn about giving and you can give an offering Sunday by Sunday; learn about stewardship and you can learn to take care of the kingdom business just as you would take care of your own.

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Kingdom Value System
Luke 16:10-11
The Lord has a value system that is not like the world system. Jesus referenced “true riches” that exceeded the value of money in the kingdom. I am excited about C28’s influence with its Not of This World stickers and t-shirts. This should be more than a slogan or tagline for those who believe the Word. We are called out as the ‘ekklesia’ or ‘ecclesia.’ Since we have been called out and set apart, then we must believe that we have been called to live out our faith in a world that is not necessarily receptive to the Lord or the Word.
The church is share the kingdom’s value system with believers. The church needs to teach its people the values of the kingdom of God. The people of God need to know their:
  • Kingdom worth
  • Kingdom work

The more that people understand it in its proper perspective the more that people would understand prosperity and “true riches.”


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We Can Pray

We may not agree on the issues

But we should at least agree to pray.

Even if we cannot come up with solutions,

We can pray over the problem.

We may not walk in agreement

But we can stand in prayer.

Our friends and relations may never be the same

But we can continue to pray for each other.

Without a doubt

The least that we can do

Measures up with the most that we can do

And that is to simply pray.

Rev. Bruce T. Jackson



Recently, we’ve seen Democrats and Republicans switch sides and stances on issues and other concerns. Even President Obama seems fit to change again. What we have to learn is to stand strong in spite of what else is going on in the world. Jesus shared that we, like Him, are not of this world. We must have a transformation that comes about by the renewing of our minds, not conformity to this world (Romans 12:1). This world system is not designed to value the things of value within the kingdom of heaven. In fact, it purposely seeks to devalue what God values and win your heart towards worldly pursuits. Put first things first in your life and seek the Lord in all that you do (Matthew 6:33).

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