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“Presenting myself to God implies a recognition that I am altogether His.”- Watchman Nee
The Normal Christian LifeThe Bible speaks of the believer progressing towards presentation before the One who is perfect.  We are to be taught and trained to do the “work of the ministry,” fully equipped to be presented before Christ for His approval at the Bema Seat.  We need to see that our ministry and church “work” are to be done for the perfecting of the saints and the presentation before the Savior.
I think many of us have a poor understanding of judgment for believers.  There is no condemnation for believer because of sins.  His believe has him covered in the righteous blood of the Lamb of God.  Jesus assured Nicodemus that He came to give life, not to condemn the world.  We, too, live under that same promise made by the Master to His late-night visitor who crept in under the cover of darkness.  What Jesus shared with Nicodemus is carried over to all who believe.
But there is more to it than to “only believe.” The believer has a responsibility.  Take up your cross.  Forsake all others.  Follow JesusServe the Lord.
In all that we do for the Lord, we will be called on what we have done and what we have not done in His name and with His Word (Rev. 3:8).  One day the dead in Christ will be called up to meet Him in the air at His judgment seat.  It is there whre the Lord will call our works into judgment, not our sins.  He will call us on what we did in His name and how we served others with love, honor and integrity.  He will seek an answer and an account for all that we have done with our faith.
Just coming to church regularly won’t do.  Simply wearing a cross around your neck or sporting a Not of This World t-shirt won’t cut it.
Watchman Nee is sharing something similar with the believer in The Normal Christian Life.  He uses Romans chapter 6 as a focus, but he hones in on Romans 6:19.  He shares that the believer should have already presented himself entirely over to God.  This is what makes the believer holy.  This what sanctifies the believer, total submision of one’s entire being given over to God.  He wants to be His “very own” people (Titus 2:14).  As Peter said, He wants to make us into His “royal priesthood” (1 Peter 2:9).
Be changed today.  Live differently today.  There is freeedom in Christ.  Live for Him, and then you will not be ashamed on the day when the trumpet sounds.  You will be prepared for your presentation before perfection.

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Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.
Ecclesiastes 4:9 (KJV)

Meetings seem to be run-of-the-mill and dull when they simply are not in the right order for the right purpose. I addressed the idea of purpose in “Meetings Versus Ministry” some time ago, but I want to address some simple meeting “must-haves.” These are the things that your meetings, whether for regularly-scheduled ministry, strategic planning with your board, or volunteer orientation, simply cannot do without as you move forward. By no means am I saying that this is an exhaustive list, but it is a list of some essentials for nearly every type of meeting.

  • Agenda: Previously emailed out to attendees; printed; Topics with time frame for each one
  • Sign-In Sheet: Keep track of who attends meeting; gather contact information
  • Minutes (From the Previous Meeting): Essential if people need to vote on approval; previously emailed out to attendees; printed and stapled or clipped together with supporting documents, i.e. grant applications/ proposals for review, reports, etc.
  • Reports: Previously emailed out to attendees; printed reports with supportive documents

Please note: The type of meeting you host will determine other essentials, i.e. whiteboard and dry erase markers, laptop and projector, and so on. Keep in mind that the longer you are meeting will dictate a greater need for water and refreshments or an actual meal. If you need people to work through lunch, either provide a break period for them to grab something nearby at the break room/cafeteria or be prepared to have lunch served. In most cases, you have to know your audience and your purpose for meeting in order to identify what else you may need.

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Luis Palau is working with San Diego to bring about a change in the entire county. City Fest is on the move with its Season of Service in San Diego, so check out what is happening by the bay. We at Bayview Charities are working with Treasure Box on a major donation for the Season of Service’s Not on This Day. This will address the large numbers of those who go hungry each day in San Diego.

We need your help. How can you help?

We need prayer. Please pray for God to lead us in our planning, keeping with His purpose. Pray that those who are in need are able to be fed both physically and spiritually. Pray that the Spirit unifies those who volunteer in service with harmony and love for one another as they serve. Pray that god becomes known by those who do not know Him as a result of this effort.

We need volunteers. Go to City Fest and register to Get Involved. Whether you sign up as a church, small group or an individual, get signed up and show up. Join the effort to do more than we can do on our own. Come together as one body and serve the Lord with gladness.

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People are not to merely coexist. We are to do more than share air and space together. We are to connect with others as a community. I find that, with the advances of the Internet, social media, and other mobile communications, we have no excuse for not connecting beyond what we have done in the past. We should be even more connected to others than in previous times.

Look at what I said about community on my other blog. Visit https://revbruce.wordpress.com/category/community/ and discover insights and ideas about community in a modern perspective.

Check out www.give.org and www.pointsoflight.org for ways to contribute and connect within your local community. If you want to make a difference in your community, check out http://www.usaweekend.com/section/MDDAY and www.servenet.org today.

Keep up with the latest tweets from Life Path @ www.twitter.com/lifepath01/

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Be sure to visit: https://revbruce.wordpress.com/2010/01/08/truth/
Consider creating a partnership for volunteer development with a complimentary agency or entity. Many nonprofits, LEAs, charter and private schools should consider “partnering” with other agencies and entities that support education, community service, and making a contribution. Be sure that you have alignment between your mission and the other agency or you at least share beliefs and not just service populations.
Get more ideas on biz tactics & strategies for marketing and ministry @: http://www.twitter.com/lifepath01/
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Daily, I get up and get connected with God through all sorts of ways; prayer, journal, Bible study, reflection, devotional reading, etc.. I keep my ears open to what God has to say through His Word and my eyes open to what He shows me along my way. I love reading DC Talk’s Jesus Freaks and Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I write at least two blogs daily on WordPress and Blogger as well as status updates via Facebook, MySpace and Faith Freaks. I even tweet on Twitter throughout the day. I love to check on the latest information for business and ministry via the internet on my Treo Pro (no, not the PRE…P-r-o) an via my laptop. I add to my list of public articles, poems and other resources via Christian Archives and other sites.

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I believe that we are to serve God with all that we have in our hearts. With all that we have to offer, our service should speak volumes for itself about our relationship with God. Look at how we approach the end of 2009. There are numerous ways that we can serve and seek to give God the glory and the praise due to His name. We can post to a daily blog online or share via social networks. You can make the most of your free time and volunteer with local agencies or mentor youth through a wide variety of programs. Think about where help is needed and offer your services and time to lend a hand.

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I am honestly inspired by God as I prepare for an unconventional sermon today. Street preaching, as many will agree, requires one to say what needs to be said and shut up and get out of the way. The Lord will lead you further once you get started, but He gives you enough to get started and share with the people in order to make a real connection with them. At least twice per month, we rotate among 3 to 4 preachers to share a brief inspirational message before a line of people seeking food items and clothes from our community giveaway. Our presentation of the gospel has shifted as hearts have been opened by the Word and our own eyes have been opened to the degree of blight and poverty that exists within our community. As I prepare for my message, I see images of black, brown and yellow faces with hope in their dark eyes. I can’t help but hear the Lord’s words the “least of these” echo over and over again in my spirit. Keep us in prayer as we serve the people once again.

Bayview Charities Food Giveaway
Sponsored by Feeding America
Every 1st & 3rd Friday
8 AM-10 AM
Visit Rev. Bruce’s other blog, too. https://revbruce.wordpress.com

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We often recruit people who are like us. It just seems natural. We draw peolpe who look or dress like us. In fact, we really get those people who share our personal opinions and viewpoints. They say great minds think alike, but that means little when these minds are geared towards selfish gain.
Look at recruitment in the New Testament. In John, Andrew and John are led to Jesus by John the Baptist, essentially Jesus’ cousin. Andrew gets Simon Peter his brother and brings him to Jesus. Nathanael tries to get one of his homeboys to go and meet Jesus. Based upon this type of example, we can learn to recruit through relationships.

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Pray without ceasing.– 1 Thes. 5:17

Prayer is an essential for daily life. We need prayer, and we need to pray. However, at times, the pain can seem to override any prayer that we can utter from our lips. The daily drudgery of life itself can cause us to get lost or caught up in the agony and aching of the pain. We can lose sight of our source. We lose touch with what has kept us going from the beginning. Yes, life can surely be painful. However, I am truly convinced that we must remain prayerful in spite of the pain.
Faith means trusting and daring unconditionally.- Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Currently, I am overseeing the development of a web-based network for San Diego’s Saved2Serve Network that will include special event announcements, volunteer recruitment, and prayer requests. We look forward to launching this network during this fall.

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