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What poet can be “politically correct”
Without speaking out
Against tyranny, hypocrisy
Or even the failures of democracy?
It would seem criminal to not share a common voice
With the countless whose urban plight
It seems to have sparked suburban flight,
Flight from ghetto sanctuaries to metro mini malls.
What sort of poet pens poetic verse
That does not curse and condemn
The very system that presses down
On many with no relief
And offers little or no hope?
I would say such a poet
Would be a bond-servant of the tyrants
And tycoons who make
Their greenbacks
From those they call wetbacks
And so-called Blacks
Seeking every break from every tax.

Bruce Jackson (2009)


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Consider creating a partnership for volunteer development with a complimentary agency or entity. Many nonprofits, LEAs, charter and private schools should consider “partnering” with other agencies and entities that support education, community service, and making a contribution. Be sure that you have alignment between your mission and the other agency or you at least share beliefs and not just service populations.
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I am convinced that much of how we taught people in previous years transcended beyond the simple, especially in the church. Whatever happened between the old school and new school did a lot to get us away fom the basics of what the Bible teaches us about how we are to live in Christ. We soon discover all of these new terms like atonement, propitiation and reconciliation amid the countless treasures of biblical knowledge available to us. We need to learn about stewardship and that’s real. Churches and pastors should teach from the broad spectrum of stewardship rather than Christian giving. Why? Well, let’s identify the benefits that outweigh simply teaching about giving. Stewardship is a lifestyle, not a mere act. As stewards, our actions are driven based upon how God has positioned us in this life. We can become better parents, spouses, employees and even employers as we learn more about stewardship. Stewardship teaches us about accountability as well as responsibility. As we share more about wise stewardship, we will reveal more and more about our actions as a response to our relationship with God. Start with Stewardship 101 and we should see a change in the people and their actions. I believe that we can do this. Learn about giving and you can give an offering Sunday by Sunday; learn about stewardship and you can learn to take care of the kingdom business just as you would take care of your own.

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Wisdom is the principal thing. . . – Proverbs 4:7 (KJV)

These days we can see where lack of wisdom can get someone into a little bit of trouble. From Chris Brown to T.I., we find young brothers facing charges for everything from assault and battery to weapons violations. Would I rather have wealth or wisdom? It appears that wealth does not guarantee wisdom. With wisdom, I can at least manage my wealth. I say so because we see how the Bernie Madoff scandal and other economic turmoils have caused a major stress and strain among baby boomers and others. To exercise wisdom in such times, we have to be careful enough to use discretion and discernment beyond dollars and cents. Pray to the Lord for wisdom, much like Solomon did before he even made an executive decision.

I can”t believe how some folks can be in church so long but have so little faith. My soul grows weary of people who have been in the building but don’t feel a part of the Body. I recently read Chuck Colson’s The Body and still feel excited about what the Lord has to say about ministry. Let us not lose hope. Our work is not in vain.

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