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My painfulness often inspires my poetry.  Sadly, if I experience something that bothers me or gets me down, I find more inspiration to write.  It is my hope that I am able to shed some light on such circumstances for some aspiring poet who wonders why he or she may not feel so inclined to embrace the valleys and low points as much as the peaks and the mountaintops.

Selected Poems of Langston HughesMaya Angelou: PoemsI believe that other poets and authors have inspired my writing and poetry.  Among them, I would have to say that Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Dorothy West, Henry David Thoreau, William Shakespeare and Claude McKay are some of my favorites.  I have enjoyed reading them and their various styles of literature.

My poetry is posted on various sites on the web, including but not limited to:

Here is a poem that has been published in my book Words from the Underground:
Smoke Screens
They appear to be little more than detrimental detours.

Yet, they are detrimental nonetheless.

Our expectations exclude them,

While our conclusions include them.

We do not see them but after the fact.

They disappear as swiftly as they appear.

Some attribute their ways to magic.

Others say they are derived from madness and mayhem.

They are smoke screens.

They exist to serve only as illusions.

They are smoke screens

And they leave us spellbound.

When you least expect them,

You find yourself in their midst.

Your best option is to pay them no mind.

They will choke you with their smoke.

They will engulf you from head to toe.

They will keep your head spinning.

Don’t pay them any mind.

You may not expect them.

You may not avoid them.

Pay them no mind,

For they truly do exist.

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To my fellow writers and poets,

I humbly submit this as an appeal to you to do more.  Do more with what you have been endowed with as natural gifts and abilities as well as the developed and enriched skills that you have worked on for years. 

Do good with what you do, offering creative writing classes and assistance to at-risk youth and juvenile offenders, court schools and alternative schools, even group homes.  Donate copies of your books and publications to be placed in site libraries at senior centers, charter schools and community libraries.  Partner with local youth-serving nonprofits to raise money through poetry slams, spoken word events, open mic shows and similar ventures.
Let us still be creative artists, but let us work towards becoming difference-makers.  Let us become activists as well as artists.
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Writers Write

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I say write your heart out at every shot that you get.  If you get rejected, so be it.  Make the most of your writing opportunities.  You can do so with a traditional publisher or you can go the route of self-publishing your own work.  I go so far as to post my poetry online.  I even try my hand at some popular blogging strategies that may or may not seem so profitable.

Christian Writers' Market Guide 2011
How do I do so?

  1. Maintain an online profile
  2. Add/ contribute content
  3. Write when I’m on
  4. Write when I’m off
  5. Read and read a wide variety of genres and publications
  6. Write some more

2010 Poet's Market

The Writer2011 Writer's Market

The Writers Digest Guide To Query Letters

2011 Guide To Literary Agents

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Here is a simple post for Christian writers.  I am just listing a few sites for Christian writers to explore and possibly post some of their work.  There are numerous ways to use these sites.  Look for the opportunities for writers on them. Godspeed!


If you know of some more sites for Christian writers, please feel free to add through the “Comments” section. 

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One Question

The Undiscovered Paul Robeson: Quest for Freedom, 1939 - 1976
Artists must learn to become activists.  Artists must somehow yearn to become activists who speak up and speak out, giving an artistic voice to the voiceless and raising some sense of cultural and social consciousness in the society that surrounds them.  Without doing so, the artist leaves a void instead of a legacy along with a mere dent rather than an impression on life in his or her times.

One Question (originally, published in Words from the Underground by Bruce Jackson)

There is an alert.

Someone sounded the alarm.

They sang out like a herald,

Crying out for change.

Someone said something must be done.

Yet, I raise a question:

Who will do it?

Who will lead the change?

The ones who ask for it merely scatter.

The ones who said it was necessary cringed.

No one stepped up.

No one stepped out.

Who will lead the change?

Who will it be?

The question lingers on.  Will you lead the change?  Answer for yourself.

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That is what the Scriptures mean when they say, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”- 1 Corinthians 2:9 (NLT)

I found inspiration for a short piece of poetry when I spent some personal reflection time in the Pauline epistles, especially 1 and 2 Corinthians.  The words of Paul are directly quoting the Scriptures, specifically Isaiah’s prophecy.  I was inspired, so I wrote freely and I share it here now with all others.

Eyes Have Not Seen

There is something that eyes have not seen.

The truth is that many don’t have eyes to see my change.

They do not recognize it.

They do not realize it.

Their eyes are not open to seeing my change.

I’m still who I used to be to them.

I can only be who I used to be in their eyes.

Even though their eyes have not seen,

I know what they see.

I just don’t know why.

I feel that God wants more out of me.

I believe He just doesn’t want me saved.

He wants me to say it and show it.

He wants me to say that I’ve changed

And He wants me to show that I have changed.

If they can’t see it, at least some will hear it.

Some may not see it, but God will work on them.

Their eyes just have not seen yet.

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Words of praise escape from the lips of believers

In a chorus of joyful praise!

Called out in His name,

We call out to Him in His name.

Prayers, supplication and praise

Come together as we come together as one.

We are many who have become one.

We were lost who have become found.

We were dead but through Him

We have come to life.

The faith is our foundation.

The altar is our refuge.

This is a body but it is His body.

This is His body,

A body of believers.

We march to the beat of a different drummer

Yet we march as one.

We are many,

But we live as one.

We are the body of Christ.

We are the Ecclesia.

We are His body.

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Get the latest update from Life Path Ministries at the link below.


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I  will sing a new song to you, O God; . . .I will make music to you– Psalm 144:9 (NIV)

Poet or psalmist? Which is it? Oh, yeah… spoken word, poetry or psalms?

Today, much like in the past ages, people are caught up in titles.  They live by labels.  For some people, they are precisely who or what they think their titles say that they are to everyone else.  Even if it doesn’t fit them, they attempt to live up to the title by what they wear or drive and how they talk as well as who they hang around.  That’s just how some people go about it.

I am an author who writes poetry among other things.  As an author, I am convinced that some people will call me whatever they care to call me because of what I do.  Some will say that I am a poet, while others will simply call me a writer.  Then, as with most things, there are those folks who fully dress it all up and make it into a big deal by calling people like me: “inspirational writers” or “spiritual scribes.” The one that caused me some alarm was psalmist.  I had to do some more research before I could even stand to hear it come from another person’s lips.

Psalms are defined as “sacred song; a hymn” or ” a sacred song or poem used in worship.” Imagine one of my pieces used as a call to worship.  Or, if possible, picture a choir swaying and rocking in their elaborate and ornate robes as I clutched the mic and spit a flow of one of my more upbeat poems to a raucous drum beat with a twinkling piano and an eerie organ piped in as we praise God. Would that be a psalm? Would that make a psalmist? Or, would I still be a poet?

David and Asaph were psalmists in my mind.  Moses and Solomon were even credited with composing at least one psalm.  Marvin Sapp has a release entitled “Diary of a Psalmist” and many other gospel artists call themselves psalmists.  Even though the definitions of psalmist tend to loosely define the title as a composer or writer of a psalm, I just can’t see myself using the title.  If someone called me a psalmist, would I stop in the midst of praise and worship to correct them with my personal reservations about why I don’t prefer to be called one? No.  I don’t have a lot of time for that.  Would I refer them to this post to get my opinion or views on the title? No.  I will just praise Him and keep on praising Him as a poet, writer, author or psalmist.  No matter what they call it, I call it praise, worship and expressive joy.

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