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Think about this concept for a moment.

God (holy, self-existent Creator) grants grace to us (sinners).

[Does that really make sense to you?]

Let’s be honest.  You know that you are not worthy of being “saved.” Just like I know that I am not either.  However, God sees fit to hand blessings out to the unworthy and the unwanted.  He makes something out of the ones who have always had nothing and does good for those who have been long considered no-good, dirty scoundrels.

That makes sense, especially if He would have just let us into heaven and left it at that.

No, that’s not all.

He gives us His Spirit to dwell within us.  He leads us and guides.  He lives within each and every believer.

So, given that bit of information, we should definitely become more bold in our approach with God.  Since He lives within us, let us become more bold in His grace.  Because He is good to us, we should exhibit more boldness due to His grace.

We should get real BIG.

We should get real Bold In Grace.

After all, God saw something in us worthwhile and sent His only begotten Son to sacrifice His life for us.

Let’s get BIG.


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Imagine what becomes of a man who hears from God and goes forward in faith. I mean the man who does not offer his share of belly-aching complaints or comments as he goes on his way. He has to go forward with boldness yet humility. He has to have enough faith to preach and proclaim Jesus Christ boldly and remain content with it truly being a lonely position. No matter what God calls you to do, you have to go where He calls to with full faith. Looking at Jonah won’t get you there. Listening to Moses will not settle it for you. Watching Jeremiah will only show you human futility. much like the author of Hebrews wrote, we must look unto Jesus- the author and finisher of our faith- in order to see a shining example of endurance through the end.

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