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I just had to share this because it made sense and it might make someone else’s day. The outline for our 10-Day Detox Challenge came to me as I worked on a simple but straightforward means to expand the challenged beyond food. Hence, I labeled it as fuel, not just food.

Before I even ordered The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren, I had formulated this outline for the 10-Day Detox Challenge. I didn’t know that Warren used some of the same or similar points. It wasn’t until I previewed the book prior to ordering it that I discovered these glaring similarities.

I will give that one to the Holy Spirit. I will accept that the Holy Spirit offered confirmation on what I had in mind.


Let that be a lesson to somebody. You do not stop dead in your tracks when you learn that someone else has a similar idea as you. Keep going with. Keep working on it. Stick with it.

There will always be a world of ideas that appear similar if not the same. Look at how many acronyms people use. There are all sorts of overlap with acronyms like NOW, FIT, PLAN, and many more. It is all a matter of how you market and package your idea.

It is totally up to you how you handle it, but as for me, i am going to keep going forward. That’s in my best interest and in the interest of the people who might get a blessing out of me not being detoured or discouraged by the fact that similarities exist.


There is a good chance that what you are doing is not even in the same realm as another person or that your work or project is somewhat or somehow at least slightly different. You may have different audiences or goals. There might be a difference in the usage of Scripture references and more.

If your intent is not to duplicate someone else’s work, then make sure that you state it clearly and acknowledge that the other work preexisted your work, but that be sure to share the differences and your personal intent. It is what one blogger refers to as basic Christian disciplines.

At the end of the day, you have to chase your purpose. You have to find your work enough for you to confront and combat your competitors and critics alike. When you know what God has for you, you know that He has made it possible for you to have the opportunity and He ordains your purpose. You face risks and potentially find rewards as a result of pursuing your purpose over other options. It is worthwhile for you to focus on what is essential and at the core of your plan.

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We often find God’s Word speaking to the real-life situations of the lives of God’s people. Prophets said ‘Thus saith the Lord’ over and over again over the years. This was done in order to redirect the direction of the people and its leadership. God rebuked them to humble them and restored them after their deliverance, all usually tghrough the words of the manof God as His mouthpiece.
We tend to no longer offer a listening ear to prophetic preaching and teaching. If it’s not from a pastoral pulpit, some just won’t hear of it. Would they have harkened to the voice in the wilderness in the form of John the Baptist? Would Jeremiah have been able to get a word in among these preachers? I wonder if we’ve just closed our eyes and ears to God’s way of reaching us. Yet, it’s been proven time and time again that God will make it known when God has finally had enough. No matter what people may do to shut out God’s way, He will reveal through His confrontative and confirmed Word. He’ll reach us with the wor that He needs to speak into our lives, time after time.

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