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Jesus disclosed something special to His disciples just prior to going to the cross. He was sharing what would occur in the coming hours, His departure from them and the end of His earthly ministry. He shared that he had given them an example. He had provided them a living, breathing example of what they could and should be in His name. He did it so that they could carry on His work beyond what He had already done.  He did it so that when others asked these who had been with Him, who had walked and talked with Him, would have a ready answer as to who was Jesus and what all the fuss was about Him and redemption, salvation and all of that. Jesus left an example for these men and He left an example for us. His example is so great that Paul said that we should think and act like Him (Philippians 2:5). Follow His example and share Jesus with others in every word and deed that do daily.

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