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Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.- Peter Drucker

How often do we accomplish a goal and then quietly reflect upon it? I am not sure about the experience of many others, but I have seen where we get our desired results and instinct leads us into celebration, not reflection.   Take a long, hard look at what you have done, the effort and energy put into doing something right, and then simply reflect upon it quietly.  Discern what more could have been accomplished or how to improve on the effort the next time.  Keep thinking forward for the next opportunity.  Identify opportunities that exist now that you have accomplished this goal.  You need to build upon the success of this latest triumph, but you need to do so with some time to reflect upon what you have already done.  Use the victory as motivation for more movement.  Keep that enthusiasm burning among your people to get them over the next hurdle that is headed their way along the journey.  Take some time to simply reflect, then regroup and go forward with an action plan for further success.

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