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We see it in numerous examples in the Bible.  Lives projecting God-given drive and strength, tenacity and perseverance, are scattered throughout the Scriptures.

Men in the Bible who lived without regrets had to include Stephen as he was stoned to death as a faithful believer.  Paul must be on that list somewhere.  Men who may have made mistakes but like Job they faced adversity with faith.

There have to be some women on that list, too.  Mary carrying and birthing the Lord.  Martha giving birth to John after years of being barren.   Look at Gideon and Isaac’s mothers, even the mother of Samuel.  How about Esther and Rahab? They, too, had to be listed among the faithful who forged ahead in faith despite all that they had to face.

I want to live such a faithful and enduring life without any regrets.  I want to say that I laid aside every weight of the things that throw us off and get us down but ran my race with endurance.  I simply wish for such a life led by the lord that I live without regrets.

Take some time and read Hebrews 11, then read chapter 12:1-2.  See if your faith isn’t raised a bit.   See if you do not find yourself inspired to go a little further with your faith.

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Yes.  I was worn out.  I was truly exhausted.  I was emotionally drained, physically tired, and overall I was pooped.  My wife had just given birth to our daughter Marley.  Wow! Praying and pushing, crying and sharing in the joy of it all.  Life had begun between us and was shared as it entered into this earth by both of us.  Yes, family and friends were there, but our bond grew even tighter on that.  I was well worn out and exhausted, but she definitely had done more work than me.

I share this with all of those who have yet to experience parenthood.  I pray God’s blessing upon those who will experience it.  I hope that joy and peace are His gifts to you.  I pray earnestly that you, too, see yourself given fully to a new commitment.

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I love Max Lucado’s He Chose NailsThe title says it all.  He chose nails.  He endured the suffering sacrifice of the cross.  He took the beatings and the piercing of thorns upon His head, but He did it all for our salvation.  He withstood trial after trial, dragged from the Jews to the Romans, after the betrayal of one of His own disciples.  Even the religious leaders hurled insults at Him as He hung from the cross.  People walked by and spat upon Him as He hung like a common criminal.  One of the criminals who hung on either side of Him began to ridicule Him as well.  I wonder how many of us would have made it through that test of the cross.  I question our Christian strength to withstand of all of that for some unthankful and ungrateful people.  Even if we only had to handle the insults and the mocking from others, how long would we stand it? Would we last until their debts had been satisfied and paid by the price of shed blood? Could we stand to accept such hardship to the point of death for the sake of others? As Max Lucado simply wrote: “He chose nails.”

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Quitting Time

Be strong and of good courage. . .– Joshua 1:6

At various times, if left to our own devices, we would simply quit.  We would call it a day and walk away from things undone.  We might even grumble or mumble about how it just wasn’t in the Lord’s will, but in the end we would still simply call it quits.  We would be done.  That’s not what God wants us to do.

God expects us to have the fortitude to extend ourselves beyond where we have already been before.  He desires us to live by faith, fully trusting Him for what we need.  He sheds light on enough of His plan for us to see where we fit into the big picture if we will just endure the rough spots and hard times along the way.

Don’t quit.  What may appear to be quiting time may serve as the qualifier for the next round.  Allow God to share with you and show you where you are needed to get things accomplished in His name.  I know that you know that God doesn’t need you to do anything, but He chose you.  You were divinely destined for this task.  He’ll supply and sustain you through all of the adversity that accompanies it.  Trust Him.  Simply stay the course and se things through as God has given them to you.


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I am convinced that part of what we need to keep in mind for the remainder of 2009 is that God has high expectations of us all. I don’t mean to say that God expects us to be perfect. That’s not what He expects of us. Yet, He does desire for us to follow the model of perfection left by Jesus Christ, the Son of Man. We live as believers who should strive to “think and act like Christ” (Phil. 2:5, NCV). As the end of the year approaches, we can get into a mode where we just coast through towards the finish line. No, sir. No, ma’am. We must strive to continue to live out our God-given callings to the fullest. We motivation to keep our momentum. Stay on point with what God has ordained for you to complete and see through. Let Him inspire you with His Word. Don’t get into the holiday humdrum and settle for kick-starting things into full gear after the first of the year. Finish it out strong in 2009. Operate without regrets. Stay on point. God wants you to get things done in His name for His glory.

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Some will say the devil tested Jesus and that took a lot out of the Lord.  I agree that the Lord was at a weak point by human standards, but He is the God-man.  He is fully man and fully God.  He withstood and endured the testing by Satan in the wilderness.

I find what  Abraham endured to be a true test of the human heart by the best- God Himself.  Abraham had a different kind of walk with God.  He was considered “a friend of God.” He talked intimately with God and saw his future revealed in majestic and astounding terms pronounced by God.  Yet, God tested him with the sacrifice of  his only son.  Similarly, God only wants the best for us and from us, and for Abraham, Issac represented the promise to be kept by God.  However, I didn’t see any hesitation with Abraham.  I didn’t notice any personal appeal by him to God.  He simply did as God ordered and kept at it until God proved Himself as a strong deliverer.  Amen!  We truly come out refined when we’ve been tested by the best.

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