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You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; it is these that testify about Me-John 5:39

Many of us who claim to love Christ have yet to truly live for Christ.  In essence, we cannot live for Christ until we come to learn about Him.  As we learn about Him, we begin to live like Him.  In living like Him, we come into the glorious light of illumination towards living for Him.

To serve like Christ, we must:

  • Examine the Savior (Study Jesus)
  • Exemplify the Savior (Serve Jesus)

Examine the Savior (Study Jesus)

Start with the Scriptures

Jesus Himself said in the Gospel of John that the Scriptures testify about Him.  The truth about Jesus may be learned and understood through a thorough and consistent study of the God’s Holy Word.  It is this type of study that will revolutionize your relationship with the Lord and Savior of our salvation.  Devote yourself to the daily discipline of biblical study and devotional reading.

Read Sound Doctrine and Materials

Max Lucado wrote an epic book on Jesus aptly entitled No Wonder They all Him the Savior.  It is a simple, straightforward style that presents Jesus in plain everyday language.  Such are the works of brilliant and inspiring theologians.  Find the works of E.M. Bounds, Charles Spurgeon, Andrew Murray and A.W. Tozer as well as some other notable of the faith.

Exemplify the Savior (Serve Jesus)

The New Testament teaching is clearly stated in 1 John 2:6.  We are to walk as He walked.  Andrew Murray states it plainly, saying: “As He was, so we are to be.”

Serving Jesus includes serving like Jesus.  He has given us His own earthly example.

Follow his ministry and its message and methods.  Make a clear divide between what the world accepts and what the Lord commands of us.  Live by the latter of the two.

Some additional helpful resources:

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I am convinced that we need to both encounter and enlist people for the right causes. I am not just talking about good causes, but I mean the right causes. We need to encounter people who are involved and make others aware of opportunities of how to get further engaged with such causes. Poverty is a worthy cause, but it is the wrong cause for someone who’s expecting people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and the like. We need to encounter people as people, something valuable and enlist other other people to join us in serving along the way. I will speak more about serving and service opportunities later, but let this settle with your soul today.

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Jesus disclosed something special to His disciples just prior to going to the cross. He was sharing what would occur in the coming hours, His departure from them and the end of His earthly ministry. He shared that he had given them an example. He had provided them a living, breathing example of what they could and should be in His name. He did it so that they could carry on His work beyond what He had already done.  He did it so that when others asked these who had been with Him, who had walked and talked with Him, would have a ready answer as to who was Jesus and what all the fuss was about Him and redemption, salvation and all of that. Jesus left an example for these men and He left an example for us. His example is so great that Paul said that we should think and act like Him (Philippians 2:5). Follow His example and share Jesus with others in every word and deed that do daily.

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Leaders need to demonstrate before they delegate.  Jesus demonstrated for his disciples prior to delegating them to do the same.  The followers of Jesus had a model for ministry presented to them.  They didn’t have to rely on experimentation.  The example was already set before them through Jesus.  If Christian leaders will search the Gospels, they will find this as one of the keys of Christian leadership.  Delegation should follow demonstration.  Set the example for your people by providing a model for them to follow.

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Imagine what becomes of a man who hears from God and goes forward in faith. I mean the man who does not offer his share of belly-aching complaints or comments as he goes on his way. He has to go forward with boldness yet humility. He has to have enough faith to preach and proclaim Jesus Christ boldly and remain content with it truly being a lonely position. No matter what God calls you to do, you have to go where He calls to with full faith. Looking at Jonah won’t get you there. Listening to Moses will not settle it for you. Watching Jeremiah will only show you human futility. much like the author of Hebrews wrote, we must look unto Jesus- the author and finisher of our faith- in order to see a shining example of endurance through the end.

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