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I am convinced that part of what we need to keep in mind for the remainder of 2009 is that God has high expectations of us all. I don’t mean to say that God expects us to be perfect. That’s not what He expects of us. Yet, He does desire for us to follow the model of perfection left by Jesus Christ, the Son of Man. We live as believers who should strive to “think and act like Christ” (Phil. 2:5, NCV). As the end of the year approaches, we can get into a mode where we just coast through towards the finish line. No, sir. No, ma’am. We must strive to continue to live out our God-given callings to the fullest. We motivation to keep our momentum. Stay on point with what God has ordained for you to complete and see through. Let Him inspire you with His Word. Don’t get into the holiday humdrum and settle for kick-starting things into full gear after the first of the year. Finish it out strong in 2009. Operate without regrets. Stay on point. God wants you to get things done in His name for His glory.

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