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The average business needs to generate a buzz.

How do you get the attention of potential customers or clients today?


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Media coverage?
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I will approach this topic without the aid of an anchor verse or quote.  It is simplistic in the view that we, as leaders of Christian groups, churches, and organizations, need to consider our approaches in reaching audiences with our messages and ministries/ services.  In my opinion, we have been approaching some of the issues with antiquated concepts and strategies rather than investigating what may be as near as a neighboring church or organization that demonstrates growth.

We need to stop approaching our outreach with a shotgun and start to take direct aim at specific targets.  Easter weekend is approaching and most probably most of us have debated and deliberated over which one draft of the flyer, postcard or mailer that we will inundate our respective community with via U.S. mail, seeking to captuure their attention and invite them to sunrise services to celebrate the risen Lord Jesus Christ.  The issue is not that we should not reach out to our communities.  The issue is that we decided on one approach with the addition of Facebook, Twitter and maybe some other mechanism like Youversion, Linked In or YouTube.  Did we try to reach the teens and elderly with the same mechanism? Did we expect our outreach to say the same thing to the single mother as it said to the recovering addict? I should hope not.  If so, we need to really consider how much prayer we have invested in our preparations.

We tend to think too general.  Yes, it would cost dollars for developing multiple layouts, but I believe the goal is to reach out to people with a message that will speak to them.  Soccer moms may not be on Facebook or Twitter for tagged photos and videos. Include your youth send out the viral message to reach their “friends” online.  Your elderly congregants may want something to hand someone down at the community center or the senior program, while your soccer moms may want an email that they could forward to friends and family, even other home school families.  What about your adult professionals? Include them by offering a text message to invite friends and others that they could send out via their iPhone, Blackberry, or other handheld device.  Look at who you are trying to reach and take direct aim at your target.

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