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Quitting Time

Be strong and of good courage. . .– Joshua 1:6

At various times, if left to our own devices, we would simply quit.  We would call it a day and walk away from things undone.  We might even grumble or mumble about how it just wasn’t in the Lord’s will, but in the end we would still simply call it quits.  We would be done.  That’s not what God wants us to do.

God expects us to have the fortitude to extend ourselves beyond where we have already been before.  He desires us to live by faith, fully trusting Him for what we need.  He sheds light on enough of His plan for us to see where we fit into the big picture if we will just endure the rough spots and hard times along the way.

Don’t quit.  What may appear to be quiting time may serve as the qualifier for the next round.  Allow God to share with you and show you where you are needed to get things accomplished in His name.  I know that you know that God doesn’t need you to do anything, but He chose you.  You were divinely destined for this task.  He’ll supply and sustain you through all of the adversity that accompanies it.  Trust Him.  Simply stay the course and se things through as God has given them to you.


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