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Do not forget Him but think of Him often. Adore Him continually. Live and die with Him. This is the glorious work of a Christian; in a word, this is our profession.- Brother Lawrence

Brother Lawrence’s The Practice of the Presence of God gives ancient wisdom on walking with God.  Get into Christianity or Christendom for any length of time and some names like Bunyan, Moody, Lewis, Chambers and Finney echo with wise words on everything from salvation to heaven itself.  Yet, when you come to the point where you can read Brother Lawrence’s carefully crafted letters in The Practice of the Presence of God, you feel as if Saint Francis of Assisi had a love-child with the Apostle Paul, giving birth to the stirring soul of Brother Lawrence.

As Christians, Brother Lawrence shares that we have a “glorious work.” Included in this glorious work are three major practices:

  1. Thinking of God often
  2. Adoring God without ceasing
  3. Living and dying with God

Brother Lawrence calls it our “glorious work,” saying: “…in a word, this is our profession.” He affirms it as our priority by stating: “If we do not know it, we must learn it. ” In other words, if it is not your daily practice and pursuit, make it your business to learn how to make it so.

In our daily pursuits, we must learn the “glorious work of a Christian.” You can download and print a copy of Brother Lawrence’s The Practice of the Presence of God for fee.  Yet, meditate on what Brother Lawrence says here.  Spend some time thinking deeply about the “glorious work” that God has called you to do as a Christian.  How would you rate yourself on your thinking of God and your adoration of God? What about how you live for God? See where you stand now.  Compare where you stand to where God has called you.  See what gaps exist, and then fill your gaps one by one.  Pray to God that He strengthen and supply you as you go forward.  He can provide you with what you lack.  See it and go for it, and then practice it daily as long as you live.

We cannot have too much trust in so good and faithful a Friend who will never fail us in this world nor in the next. – Brother Lawrence

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But seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you

Matthew 6:33 (ASV)

As believers, we need to have the proper perspective on the daily things of life in order to have the proper priorities.  Jesus pointed out that there were many things that cloud our vision, things that we may worry or get anxious about throughout our day.  These things become priority for us, but Jesus says that the proper priority is to seek the kingdom of God first, and then these other things will be “added” to us.  We tend to try to make ends meet and handle the “small stuff,” so that we can make time for God’s business once we’ve cleared our plates of handling the necessities of life.  In essence, Jesus says that such a perspective is backwards.  He says that the kingdom of God should be our first priority.  All of what we thought were necessary items to check off on our to-do lists would be handled or eliminated as we put our focus on His kingdom.  Think about it.  He means business.  Yes, it’s in the red letters of my Bible, in the words of Jesus Himself.  If we have the right priorities in the right order, then we have God as our supplier for our needs much like the flowers of the field and the birds of the air.  By keeping the right priorities, we put our trust in God’s hands.

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