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I wrote Words from the Underground in order to speak out and give a literary voice to the stories that lie hidden within the inner city streets of urban America.  I’ve been out there over the years.  Back in the day, I craved the allure of the street life that promised easy riches and high times.  I discovered that nothing is easy out in the streets, especially when you throw in drugs and money.  Fast forward several years.  I found myself on the streets as I sought to stir up community involvement through urban faith-based and community-based programs.  Later, once a minister of the gospel, I was doing “street ministry,” sharing through the Word and good works.  It was a complete turn around.

 I use my creative expressions through writing and seek to shed light on the darkness that exists and seems hidden from the eyes of most of America.  They do not know the pain of the people.  They fail to see the people on the streets as real people.  To me, it is more than a book.  It’s poetry mixed with social commentary and advocacy.  Perhaps, someone will read this and gain a deeper and clearer understanding of what goes on out there.  Someone else may read this and feel like someone has finally put into words what had been pulsating within them for so many years.  Finally, this may truly move someone to do something.  Maybe someone will develop a program to help others within their city.  Maybe someone else will start speaking out and advocating for the people who live in these inhumane conditions.  Truthfully, I would be satisfied if someone just read my words and started treating people like people, never truly knowing what someone else’s story may be beneath the mask they wear day in and day out.  Maybe so.

Enter into a world unknown to many… the Underground.

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For many who may not know it, I am a writer.  I publish books, e-books, articles and even some Bible study lessons.  What I dare to share here are some resources for those who are writers at heart and seek to share their works with the world.  This may be especially helpful to the Christian writer who desires to break into the Christian marketplace.

  • Blog: Every writer should keep one going, even if he or she doesn’t publicize it through Twitter or Facebook, because it keeps you writing and it keeps you fresh at your creative craft of communicating ideas.  I use both WordPress and Blogger for blogging.  I post poems, inspirational writings, parts of articles and Bible studies.  I find that it’s a great way to keep writing as well as keeping others informed of what you are doing.
  • E-zines: You may have full-fledged articles that you want to put out there that no magazine or trade journal will publish at this time.  God bless the internet.  Get a look at www.ezinesearch.com and www.free-ezine-directory.com to find e-zine publishers that may be able to use your articles based upon subject area and content.
  • Self-Publish: I know a lot of people share different views on this so I will go ahead and stick my neck out there.  You may not have the great American novel that publishers will oogle over and die to have in their clutches, but you may just want to publish your own work and get it out there to the free world.  Check out self-publishing sites such as http://www.xulonpress.com/ and www.iuniverse.com for starters.  I use Lulu and www.myebook.com for my own work.  They are just my preference.

Here are some other key items to have for most writers:

I will be sure to continue to add some more details for aspiring writers later this week, emphasizing the Christian market for articles and poetry.

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