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“The dream starts us on the success journey.” – John C. Maxwell

The success journey, as Maxwell calls it, is a daily thing to do.  Place it on your daily agenda.  Jot it down in your daily journal.  Put it your weekly planner.  Write it on your whiteboard in your office or cubicle.  Add success steps to your to-do list.  Scribble it out on a post-it that you place on your dashboard.  Make each and every single day count by seeking out success, endeavoring to make dreams turn into reality.

“Know where you are going.” – Norman Vincent Peale

If you are starting out on the journey, you need to have some idea of where you are heading on it.  Unless you have been endowed with a divine conversation like Father Abraham while he was still Abram of Ur, you cannot just simply take a walk of faith without any direction or destination.  You need to know where you are going and remain certain of that continually along the way.

“An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.” – Warren Buffet

The road to success is paved with execution of a well-designed plan.  Whether it is losing weight or dropping the burden and baggage of addiction for recovery, you need to have a plan.  Success requires a plan.

“Ministry is a marathon.” – Rick Warren

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To become successful, you need to develop your plan and stick to your plan.  What I want you to truly understand is that all of your planning will require some adaptation along the way, but you will need to remain dedicated to your destination.  Your success will depend on your stamina and stability for staying the course. If you cannot endure the hardship and heartaches that come along with making moves to make your life better or the lives of others better, then you will not have enough fuel to finish the race to the end.

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We cannot finish the journey and reach success unless we get started.  We get started by thinking through the opportunities and the obstacles, weighing out the pros and the cons.

Active Faith Sports

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“…But wisdom brings success.” – Ecclesiastes 10:10

I think it is safe to say that we all hope for success in life. No matter how you determine and measure what success is for you, you can be honest about how you view it. Success, for many of us, is a goal. For others, it is a destination.

You can’t get there without some work. You can’t reach it without some determination. You can’t get there without some faith. But you surely cannot obtain it or sustain without wisdom.

Solomon appraised life in its entirety through the lens of wisdom. He advised and admonished through Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. He pointed out how vanity led to misery and poverty, while humility led to honor.

Make it a point to be more successful. Add wisdom to your daily agenda and diet.

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The etymology of Godspeed according to Wiktionary: From Middle English phrase God spede (“may God cause you to succeed”), from God (“god”) + spede, subjunctive of speden (“to prosper”), from Old English spēdan, fromspēd (“success”) 

We rarely use it today.  If and when we do use it, it hardly sets off any spiritual spark as it once had among people of faith.

John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s progress contains a farewell from Evangelist, bidding Godspeed to Christian and encouraging him to continue on his journey.  We see it in Fiddler on the Roof with the “Sabbath Prayer” scene, singing: “May God bless you and keep you.” It is common to our Christian benedictions, where we bid each other good tidings until we meet again as we quote Numbers 6:24-26.

We are familiar with such blessings as we part company, but we are far from doing them regularly.  We rarely do so other than as part of our liturgical program or format.  If nothing else, it is a sign to eager and fidgety children that church is almost over.  Sadly, we do not use such words when we part ways any longer.

If we understood what it meant, would we wish our brother or sister in Christ Godspeed?

Do we really want other Christians to succeed right before our own eyes and in our midst?

Can we praise God for Him blessing someone else despite all of our prayers, petitions and supplications for the same thing for ourselves?

I ask us to ponder such a thing.  I wish us to seek the Lord’s direction in how we deal with one another.  In all these things, I bid you Godspeed.

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UCLA is a storied basketball program.  Bill Walton, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Walt Hazard and plenty of others played under the Wizard of Westwood.  They played on the hardwood, but they also gleaned some sound and sage advice from a man ahead of his time when it came to coaching star athletes.

John Wooden coached team basketball.  He emphasized each player’s ability to contribute to the team rather the star quality that we see a lot of today with college athletes.  Imagine if  a coach like Wooden had gotten to some of our more troubled athletes.  Just think of the guys who would be less conceited and greater contributors to their sport as well as the world in general.

I continue to read Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success to this day and find it to serve as a great read.  Inspirational messages and memories from Wooden match up with biblical principles to spread wisdom for life.  This would be a great gift for a young aspiring athlete or a sports coach.  There are nuggets of wisdom within its pages just waiting to be discovered by some open mind.



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Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.- Peter Drucker

How often do we accomplish a goal and then quietly reflect upon it? I am not sure about the experience of many others, but I have seen where we get our desired results and instinct leads us into celebration, not reflection.   Take a long, hard look at what you have done, the effort and energy put into doing something right, and then simply reflect upon it quietly.  Discern what more could have been accomplished or how to improve on the effort the next time.  Keep thinking forward for the next opportunity.  Identify opportunities that exist now that you have accomplished this goal.  You need to build upon the success of this latest triumph, but you need to do so with some time to reflect upon what you have already done.  Use the victory as motivation for more movement.  Keep that enthusiasm burning among your people to get them over the next hurdle that is headed their way along the journey.  Take some time to simply reflect, then regroup and go forward with an action plan for further success.

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