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Some will say the devil tested Jesus and that took a lot out of the Lord.  I agree that the Lord was at a weak point by human standards, but He is the God-man.  He is fully man and fully God.  He withstood and endured the testing by Satan in the wilderness.

I find what  Abraham endured to be a true test of the human heart by the best- God Himself.  Abraham had a different kind of walk with God.  He was considered “a friend of God.” He talked intimately with God and saw his future revealed in majestic and astounding terms pronounced by God.  Yet, God tested him with the sacrifice of  his only son.  Similarly, God only wants the best for us and from us, and for Abraham, Issac represented the promise to be kept by God.  However, I didn’t see any hesitation with Abraham.  I didn’t notice any personal appeal by him to God.  He simply did as God ordered and kept at it until God proved Himself as a strong deliverer.  Amen!  We truly come out refined when we’ve been tested by the best.

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