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The Lord said for His followers to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19, 20).  In order to make disciples, we must look at the Master’s model and listen to the Master’s instructions.  He provided us a model by having others take up their crosses and follow Him.  He shared with some fishermen how He would make them to become “fishers of men.” He taught and trained, even tested, His followers in the lessons of life and leadership.  Yet, even after spending three years discipling these intimate followers, Jesus still spent 40 days sharing with His own about the kingdom of God.  The Master completed His instructions to His own by saying that they should go throughout the earth, making disciples, teaching what He commanded with them and baptizing in His name.  That’s what we are called to do.  We are not called to become “seeker-friendly” institutions or “missional” training centers.  We are called to preach, teach and reach in order to make disciples.  We are not intended to serve as a social institution or a business network center.  Disciples are made by the Master’s model and the Master’s methods according to the Master’s instructions.

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