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I am an avid “web-crawler.” I search the web for sites that can help me with my work and ministry. I have discovered some sites that truly can support you as you seek to enhance and expand your ministry for greater effectiveness in this day and age.

Here is a short list of sites for support:

  • http://www.outreach.com/ Great resources from banners to do-it-yourself templates; be sure to take a look at http://blog.outreach.com/ for tips and ideas on a wide range of outreach topics and http://www.outreachmagazine.com/ for articles and information on outreach. Look into their church-planting resources, too.
  • http://www.lifetreecafe.com/ If you are in ministry or seeking to get one started, here is a possible resource that will cause you to be “missional.” Check out what this conversational and casual gathering can do for your church and the un-churched. Read what it’s about. It will take some planning and strategies on your part.
  • http://www.lifechurch.tv/ This church is taking multi-site ministry into a whole new era. You have to check out their online worship experience as well as their resources and messages (even those that are not live.) Open is a great resource for downloads of templates and forms that will help administration and ministry leaders. YouVersion has to be one of my favorite sites on the web. With everything from “live” worship and the audio Bible to Bible reading plans and the means for sharing via Facebook and Twitter, this site will rock your world. Church Metrics is a cool free tool that allows you to track everything from attendance to commitments and baptisms. It’s web-based and even has a mobile application for on-the-go ministry and small group leaders.
  • http://www.urbanministry.org/ Tons and tons of information and resources for “street ministry” and beyond. I use the Word Press blog application for Saved2Serve, our network for ministries, faith-based organizations and parachurches. You have to check out their Church Grants and Volunteer sub-sites. This site is a real winner.
  • http://www.ebase.org/ I like E-Base for nonprofits and donor tracking because it does something different from Church Metrics. This download allows you to track donors, volunteers, and other things such as outreach campaigns. It allows you to see what works and what doesn’t in a data storage format almost like CRM software for business.

These sites are useful and worth exploring. I see them as mechanisms for strengthening and supporting your work in ministry. Be sure to visit our web database for the free download of “When the Laborers are Few.” This will help those who have few “workers” for the harvest that is before them in their part of the vineyard.

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If you write, whether it be poetry, articles or anything, try these websites out…

Check out the life path storefront for publishing at www.lulu.com/lifepath/

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For many who may not know it, I am a writer.  I publish books, e-books, articles and even some Bible study lessons.  What I dare to share here are some resources for those who are writers at heart and seek to share their works with the world.  This may be especially helpful to the Christian writer who desires to break into the Christian marketplace.

  • Blog: Every writer should keep one going, even if he or she doesn’t publicize it through Twitter or Facebook, because it keeps you writing and it keeps you fresh at your creative craft of communicating ideas.  I use both WordPress and Blogger for blogging.  I post poems, inspirational writings, parts of articles and Bible studies.  I find that it’s a great way to keep writing as well as keeping others informed of what you are doing.
  • E-zines: You may have full-fledged articles that you want to put out there that no magazine or trade journal will publish at this time.  God bless the internet.  Get a look at www.ezinesearch.com and www.free-ezine-directory.com to find e-zine publishers that may be able to use your articles based upon subject area and content.
  • Self-Publish: I know a lot of people share different views on this so I will go ahead and stick my neck out there.  You may not have the great American novel that publishers will oogle over and die to have in their clutches, but you may just want to publish your own work and get it out there to the free world.  Check out self-publishing sites such as http://www.xulonpress.com/ and www.iuniverse.com for starters.  I use Lulu and www.myebook.com for my own work.  They are just my preference.

Here are some other key items to have for most writers:

I will be sure to continue to add some more details for aspiring writers later this week, emphasizing the Christian market for articles and poetry.

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