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Have you not brought this upon yourself

by forsaking the Lord your God, when he led you in the way?

jeremiah 2:17 (ESV)

Week 1 Recap:

Jeremiah is called by God and given some anointed actions to go along with his appointment, and God offers Jeremiah both warnings and assurance.

Week 1 Summary:

God’s calling on your life can change everything.

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You Played Yourself When You Turned from God

Jeremiah is directed to “Go and proclaim in the hearing of Jerusalem, Thus says the Lord. . .” (v.2), and that gets the ball rolling on a windfall of complaints against Israel from God about her conduct as one who was at one point “holy to the Lord” (v. 3). It is almost as if you hear God’s thunderous voice bellowing with anger as He directes Jeremiah. Israel has no ground to stand on as God lays out His complaint against them.

What Wrong Did Your Fathers Find in Me?

God points out that the issue isn’t a new problem. This is generational, passed down from father to children over time. He shares that it is a problem with the priests, the shepherds and the prophets as leaders, but it is the entire nation that has provoked God. “Therefore I still contend with you. . . and with your children’s children I will contend (v. 9).”

Have You Not Brought This Upon Yourself?

Don’t go blaming the Devil who supposedly entrapped you with enticements that you just could not handle. You got yourself into this one. God claims in verse 13 that he has charges against his people since they “committed two evils.” He further explains Israel’s self-imposed wrath in verse 19, plainly stating: “Your evil will chastise you , and your apostasy will reprove you. . . the fear of me is not in you , declares the Lord God of hosts.” Verse 22 provides an image that even washing with the strongest of detergents and soap won’t help cleanse this nation. “You have all transgressed against me, declares the Lord” (v.29).

Saying You’re Innocent Only Angers God More

With all of the evidence God stated against them, Israel was bold enough to try to claim innocence. But it is a if Israel’s claim of innocence angered God even more. In verse 35, Israel’s pronouncement of innocence causes God to speak vehemently: “. . . Behold, I will bring you to judgment for saying,’I have not sinned.’ ” God speaks of the nation being put to shame by both Egypt and Assyria. God will give His children that whooping out in the front yard like old school God-fearing parents used to do in the community right where all of our neighbors could see, much akin to the Law where it speaks of “before his tent”

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Taking the First Step on the Journey

  1. Read the first chapter of Jeremiah (Do not take notes, underline, highlight, etc.; JUST READ)
  2. Download and review the mini guide for chapter 1
  3. Go back to chapter 1 of Jeremiah again and feel free to use any notetaking technique during your reading
  4. Pick a verse or passage that you feel is key to chapter 1 of Jeremiah
  5. Walk away and focus on any key verse or passage that you selected as you go through your day
  6. (Day #2) Return to reading Jeremiah chapter 1
  7. Do you still feel that verse or passage is the key to this chapter? If no, select another as your daily focus.
  8. Try to answer the questions from the mini guide and write a 1 sentence summary of the chapter in your own words.
  9. Share your verse or passage on social media with #JeremiahJourney
  10. Tune in on Wednesday at 9:30 AM PST for our Live @ Lunch Bible Study discussion on Jeremiah chapter 1 and to get a sneak peak ay next week’s guide.

God Gives Us Beyond Second Chances: Be Humbled

“Every Christian has a choice between being humble or being humbled.”

c.h. spurgeon

My heart is filled with hope along with humility. In 2017, I embarked on launching this study as an extended blog series for 2018. Circumstances got the best of me. Again, it happened to me in 2019 and 2020. God saw fit to never whisper that I had done enough or send a sign that I must move on, so I am sticking with my assignment and making the best effort to bring it to fruition again.

This time I have more working for me. I have the experience of previous trial runs with this and I have enough experience posting regularly doing shorter blog series recently for week-long seasonal projects and 10-day projects that required a daily postings. With much prayer and focus, I hope to see this through by posting weekly and hosting our Live @ Lunch Bible Study livestream to discuss the chapter and its message.

I am also humbled by God not snatching it from my hands. He has nurtured me. He has matured me. He has continued to develop me. All the while, unbeknownst to me, He was preparing me to come back and try it again. Even if I make a biblical donkey of myself in the process, I will have acted in obedience and I will have stepped out on faith. And someone else needed to witness that in order to gain what they need. And I am humbled to be used as a vessel by Him even for that.

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The word of the Lord came to me, saying,  “Go and proclaim in the hearing of Jerusalem, Thus says the Lord. . .  – Jeremiah 2:1-2 (ESV)

Recap of Week #1: God’s calling of Jeremiah was met with some resistance on Jeremiah’s part.  However, God used object lessons to grab Jeremiah’s attention and to show him the coming fate of Israel.

Reflection on Week#1:  Jeremiah was young and not chief among the priests or prophets of his times.  His message was a direct order from God, but it was definitely not going to be received well by his fellow brothers in the ministry or his countrymen.

What we find to be the call to action by God in our lives is usually something that calls us to take a step outside of our comfort zone.  With such a task at hand, Jeremiah should have been comforted by God’s assurance that He would supply and support Jeremiah all along the way, no matter who or what he faced while on assignment.  Jeremiah reveals the human infallibility buried deep within us all to still want more than what God offers, clinging to what we know rather than what we could possibly experience and have with God’s blessing.

If God calls you to it, God will see you through it.

Go and Proclaim

Once you have accepted God’s calling on your life, marching orders are bound to follow.  Just from the opening lines of chapter 2, you can see that God wants Jeremiah to get to work immediately.

There is no extensive training program.  No mentor prophet lends his wisdom and sage advice to Jeremiah.  It’s just God’s calling and an immediate assignment of “Go and proclaim…”

Thus Says the Lord

You can only imagine the gravity of Jeremiah’s message.  He was called as God’s messenger to deliver an unpopular message to God’s people.  Also, he was to go and proclaim what the Lord had to say to Israel.

As you read this week, check out God’s intense message to Israel.  Hear the words of the Lord delivered to Israel through Jeremiah in this initial message.  Get a feel for what weighed heavily in the heart of the Lord when it came to His beloved Israel.

Make sure you review the Week #2 Bible Study Guide.


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