Delivered from Despair

He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire…

Ps. 40:2 (NIV)

Deliverance is divine.  The Bible speaks of God in heaven doing as He chooses.   He does as he chooses and delivers in the same manner.  He can deliver us immediately or after a while.  What we may have to learn is to be developed and devoted as we await our deliverance.  David said that he waited patiently on the Lord.  We, too, must be able to wait patiently and hold on, awaiting on the Lord to come through for us.  Yet, as we wait, we must wait with hope and expectancy, trusting the Lord the whole time.  God may use this time to develop us, to grow our faith.  He also can use this time to increase our devotion to Him, expanding our perspective on growing closer to God as we wait on Him.  Try it this way.  As you wait on Him, put your whole weight on Him.  Trust Him to do what is right and just.  Deliverance is divine, and it comes from God in heaven who does as He chooses.

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2 responses to “Delivered from Despair”

  1. Thanks! I needed to read that today!

  2. This message has touched my heart. I am struggling in life but I remind myself to keep holding on to God. The devil has been trying to discourage me, but even the simple thought of God’s love for me lifts me out of despair. Praise God. In His time He makes ALL things beautiful… In His time.

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